Virginia Graduate Schools

A Graduate School is an education institution that offers graduate degrees, including Master and Doctorate degrees. This page lists all accredited graduate schools in the state of Virginia that provide full-time or part-time graduate education leading to a postgraduate degree.

College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA 23187-8795
(757) 221-4000

Eastern Mennonite University
Hrrrisonburg, VA 22801-2462
(540) 432-4000

George Mason University
4400 University Drive
Fairfax,VA 22030

James Madison University
Harrisonburg,VA 22807
(540) 568-6211

Liberty University
P.O.Box 20000
Lynchburg, VA 24506-8001
(804) 582-2000

Longwood College
Graduate Admissions
201 High Street
Farmville, VA 23909
(804) 395-2000

Mary Washington College
1301 College Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22401-5358
(540) 654-1000

Marymount Unviersity
2807 North Glebe Road
Arlington,VA 22207-4299
(703) 284-1500

Norfolk State University
2401 Corprew Avenue
Norfolk,VA 23504
(757) 683-8015

Old Dominion University
Hampton Boulevard
Norfolk,VA 23529-0050
(757) 683-3637

Radford University
Radford, VA 24142
(540) 831-5000

Regent University
1000 Regent University Drive
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
(757) 579-4014

Shenandoah University
1460 University Drive
Winchester, VA 22601
(540) 665-4581
http: //
University of Richmond
Richmond, VA 23173
(804) 289-8000

Unviersity of Virginia
1939 Ivy Road
Charlottesville, VA 22903-1711
(804) 924-0311

Virginia Commonwealth
901 West Franklin Street
Richmond, VA 23284-9005

Virginia Polytechnic Institute
and State University
Virginia Tech Graduate School
Blacksburg,VA 24061-0202
(540) 231-6691

Virginia State University
Petersburg, VA 23806-2096
(804) 524-5984

Virginia State Overview

Humans first settled in Virginia over 5,000 years ago. Around AD 900 the land began to be cultivated and agriculture was practiced. Around 1500, Algonquian Indians established settlements in the Tidewater region , an area of ​​eastern Virginia. Sioux tribes lived to the west and Iroquois had settled to the north and south.

From about 1570 the Algonquian tribes united under the chief “Powhatan” to defend themselves against attacks by the other groups on their trade routes. Powhatan controlled more than 30 minor tribes and over 150 settlements.

In 1583, Queen Elizabeth I of England granted Sir Walter Raleigh the right to establish a colony north of Florida. A year later, Raleigh launched an expedition to North America. The name Virginia was probably chosen by Raleigh or Elizabeth herself. Because of political considerations, Elizabeth has been stylized since 1578 as the “Virgin Queen”.

Along with Kentucky, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, Virginia has the term “Commonwealth” in its name, meaning “community” or originally “common good” or political community based on the Roman Res Publica.

The state is often referred to as the “Mother of Presidents” because eight American presidents were born there. He belongs to the American southern states. And is landscaped by the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Chesapeake Bay.

When the “Virginia Company of London” founded the first British colony in the New World in 1607, slavery still played a very important role in the early history of Virginia. The state entered the American Revolutionary War as one of the thirteen colonies and joined the “Confederacy”. During the Revolutionary War, West Virginia was separated from the territory.

The states of Virginia and Maryland ceded part of their territory to form the new District of Columbia in 1790. There the city of Washington was founded on July 16, 1790. Washington, DC , formally called “the District of Columbia” or simply “DC” or “the District”, is the capital of the United States.

Later, in 1847, Virginia’s ceded territory was returned to the state in the District of Columbia retrocession.

Virginia declared its secession from the United States on April 17, 1861, after the Battle of Fort Sumter, and joined the Confederate States in June 1861. Richmond, Virginia was chosen as the Confederate capital. In 1863, 48 Northwest counties separated to form the new state of West Virginia. More battles took place in Virginia during the Civil War than anywhere else. Virginia was formally reincorporated into the United States of America in 1870.

The economy of the state is very balanced. There are many different sources of income. About a third of employees work in the service sector.

The state is very prosperous and is home to many of the nation’s leading commercial companies. In Virginia, the highest concentration of employees is in the technology sector. Computer chips are the state’s main export. They have already surpassed the traditional top export values ​​of coal and tobacco.

Farms are mainly found in areas like the Shenandoah Valley. Many federal agencies are based in the north of the state. The Pentagon, the headquarters of the Department of Defense, is in Arlington.


“Virginia Is for Lovers” has become a much-imitated part of the national language, even in other states’ travel promotions. The “I (heart) New York” slogan, for example, appeared later in the mid-’70s.

The Year was 1969

The timing was right in 1969 when the Virginia State Travel Service (now the Virginia Tourism Corporation) adopted what would become its world-renowned “Virginia Is for Lovers” slogan. The Travel Service could not have known that the Yippies would become Yuppies — and later, Boomers — or that the Volkswagen microbus with the peace sign on the dashboard would give way to the station wagon as the official car of a generation, but they knew where the future was in tourism: a new generation of visitors.

A favorite book in 1969 was Erich Segal’s Love Story. Jacqueline Susann’s The Love Machine was a best seller. Henry Mancini scored with Love Theme from “Romeo and Juliet.” The Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969 drew more than 300,000 young people for a weekend of peace, music and mud. Given the tenor of the times, the roll-out of “Virginia Is For Lovers” appealed to younger consumers who were the market of the future.

Capital city: Richmond
Largest metropolis: Virginia Beach
Nickname: Old Dominion; Mother of Presidents
Motto: Sic semper tyrannis (Latin)
thus always to tyrants