Top 10 Cities with the Least Hours of Sunshine

Tórshavn – Faroe Islands

A blue sky, a warm sun and wonderful warmth? Not every city is blessed with a sunny climate. There are cities where the sun only comes out a few days a year. Which cities are those? You can read it in the top 10 cities with the fewest hours of sunshine.

10. Bogota – Colombia

When you think of South America, you probably think of sunny beaches and tropically warm nature reserves. That applies to part of the continent, but not to Colombia. The capital of this country has an average of 1,328 hours of sunshine per year. This is mainly due to the high location of the city. Bogota is located in the Andes Mountains, more than 2.5 kilometers above sea level.

9. Reykjavik – Iceland

The capital of Iceland also deserves a place on this list. Because Iceland is almost against the Arctic Circle, it goes without saying that it is relatively cold. This also applies to the capital Reykjavik, the northernmost capital in the world. The sun shines here for an average of 1,326 hours per year. This is partly due to its northern location, which means that the sun hardly rises, if at all, in the winter. Hopefully they have a good lamp shop here because without good indoor lighting it becomes a depressing intention in this dark city.

8. Ushuaia – Argentina

We head back to South America where the city of Ushuaia earned the eighth spot on this list. It is the southernmost city in the world, which means that the city is relatively close to the South Pole. As with Reykjavik, this means that the climate is quite cold and gray. Especially the large amount of fog ensures that the number of hours of sunshine in this city is disappointing. On average, you can count on approximately 1,282 hours of sunshine per year.

7. Lima – Peru

The city of Lima is not far from the equator and yet you don’t have to count on much sun. This is precisely due to the warm climate in the city. There is a desert climate around Lima. The high temperatures and the location by the sea cause a lot of fog. As a result, the average number of hours of sunshine per year is approximately 1,230 hours. The humidity is very high, but when the sun shines you can enjoy the wonderful beaches.

6. Buenaventura – Colombia

Buenaventura – Colombia

There is no shortage of heat when you visit the city of Buenaventura in Colombia. The average temperature in this city is around 26 degrees all year round. Yet the sun rarely comes out. On average, the city has 1,178 hours of sunshine per year. This is mainly because it is very cloudy in Buenaventura. These clouds do retain the heat, so it quickly becomes stuffy.

5. Malabo – Equatorial Guinea

Malabo – Equatorial Guinea

When you think of islands, you probably think of sun-drenched beaches. That image is not entirely correct at Malabo. This city is located on the island of Bioko, just off the coast of West Africa. It is a very tropical island with frequent monsoon rains. The rainy season here lasts from March to November. That explains why the sun shines here for an average of only 1,176 hours a year.

4. Bergen – Norway

Bergen – Norway

In November, December and January the sun shines no more than 25 hours per month. So it is not surprising that Bergen is on this list. The city is located in the south-west of Norway, the mildest and rainiest part of the country. It is not only the city with very little sunshine, but also one of the wettest cities in Europe. Due to the 643 meter mountain “Ulriken”, the city gets extra little sun during the year.

3. Dikson – Russia

Dikson – Russia

In the far north of Russia you will find the city of Dikson. It is mainly a city that functions as a port, where the sun does not come out between December and January. Moreover, winter here lasts for 10 months, leaving little room for summer days. As a result, the sun shines an average of 1,164 hours per year in this isolated Russian settlement.

2. Chongqing – China

Chongqing is a Chinese city located in the southwest of the country. The climate is subtropical. That means it is warm, but also very humid. During a visit to the city you have to count on a lot of rain. At the same time, the city is located in an area surrounded by high mountains. As a result, the sun appears relatively little. The average number of hours of sunshine per year is 954 hours.

1. Tórshavn – Faroe Islands

Tórshavn – Faroe Islands

Tórshavn is the capital of the Faroe Islands archipelago. There are high mountains on both sides of the city, which partly ensure that the sun does not shine much. The many clouds obstruct the sun even more, so that the average number of hours of sunshine here is 840 hours per year. It is not hot either, because even in the summer it does not get much warmer than 12 degrees.