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According to best-medical-schools, Washington’s capital city is Olympia and it is home to a vibrant culture and many historical sites. Visitors can explore the Washington State Capitol, which was designed by architects Walter Wilder and Harry White, or take a stroll through the city’s historic downtown district for some shopping and dining opportunities. Additionally, visitors can explore the Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge for some outdoor activities such as hiking or bird watching. Seattle is located in western Washington and it has plenty of attractions to offer such as the Space Needle which offers stunning views of the city or Pike Place Market which is a great place to shop for local souvenirs. Visitors can also explore the Seattle Great Wheel which offers panoramic views of Elliott Bay or take a relaxing trip down Lake Union for some peaceful relaxation. Additionally, visitors can enjoy some local flavors at one of Seattle’s many restaurants like The Crab Pot or Ivar’s Fish Bar for some delicious seafood dishes. Spokane is located in eastern Washington and it has plenty of attractions to offer such as Riverfront Park where visitors can enjoy activities such as biking or rollerblading along the riverfront trails or take a stroll along Spokane Falls for some peaceful relaxation. Additionally, visitors can explore Manito Park & Botanical Gardens which features beautiful gardens and trails or take a ride on The Carousel at Riverfront Park for some family fun. Additionally, visitors can enjoy some local flavors at one of Spokane’s many restaurants like The Blackbird Kitchen & Bar or Casper Fry for some delicious meals. According to EBIZDIR, in Washington, landlords must provide tenants with a written rental agreement that outlines the terms and conditions of the tenancy. This agreement should include information such as rent amount, frequency of payments, late fees, and pet policies. Landlords are also required to give at least 20 days notice prior to raising a tenant’s rent or terminating their lease. Additionally, landlords must provide tenants with at least 24 hours written notice before entering the rental property for any non-emergency purposes. When it comes to security deposits, the maximum amount that a landlord can charge a tenant is typically one month’s rent unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement. The landlord must return this deposit within 14 days of the tenant moving out unless there is evidence showing damage done beyond normal wear and tear caused by tenant or guest(s). If a landlord fails to return all or part of a security deposit within 14 days then he/she may be liable for up to two times amount wrongfully withheld plus reasonable attorney fees incurred by tenant in recovering such amounts from landlord. Late fees on rent payments that are past due for more than five days after due date cannot exceed 8% of one month’s rent or $50 (whichever is greater). Furthermore, restrictions on what landlords can charge tenants for certain services such as utilities (i.e., electricity), parking spaces/garages/storage units etc., must be reasonable under similar circumstances in area where property is located unless otherwise stated in lease agreement between parties involved. Finally, it should be noted that although Washington state Tenant-Landlord Law sets out general guidelines regarding rental agreements and evictions, each city and county may have additional regulations regarding rental agreements and evictions which should also be taken into consideration when entering into any type of lease agreement with a tenant in Washington.