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According to best-medical-schools, North Dakota is a state full of natural beauty and its major cities offer plenty of attractions and activities to explore. Fargo is the largest city in North Dakota and known for its diverse downtown area filled with shops, restaurants, museums like Plains Art Museum Or entertainment venues like Fargodome. It also has many outdoor activities such as kayaking on Red River or ice skating at Scheels Arena. Bismarck is located in central North Dakota along the Missouri River and home to University of Mary which allows visitors to explore various exhibits on campus such as North Dakota Heritage Center Or take a tour of their renowned football stadium Alerus Center. Grand Forks is located in northeastern North Dakota along Red Lake River and offers visitors a variety of cultural attractions such as Empire Arts Center Or North Valley Art League which features interactive exhibits for kids. Minot is located in northwestern North Dakota along Souris River and known for its vibrant art scene with galleries like Taube Museum Of Art Or Scandinavian Heritage Park or live music venues like Oak Park Amphitheater. Finally, Williston is located in western North Dakota along Missouri River and offers visitors plenty of outdoor activities such as skiing at Bottineau Winter Park Or hiking trails at Fort Ransom State Park. According to EBIZDIR, North Dakota tenant-landlord law is a set of regulations governing the rental of residential and commercial properties within the state. These laws provide guidance to both landlords and tenants, ensuring that their rights and responsibilities are clearly defined, and that disputes can be resolved in a timely manner. Rent: North Dakota tenant-landlord law states that landlords may only increase rent upon giving proper prior written notice to all affected tenants. Typically this notice should be given at least 30 days in advance, though this may vary depending on the type of tenancy agreement entered into by the landlord and tenant. Landlords may not increase rent in retaliation for a tenant exercising their legal rights, such as requesting repairs or filing complaints with local authorities regarding health or safety violations on the property. Security Deposits: In North Dakota, landlords are allowed to collect security deposits from their tenants; however, these deposits must not exceed one month’s rent. The security deposit must be returned to the tenant within 30 days of them moving out, assuming no damage has been done to the property beyond normal wear and tear. Maintenance Responsibilities: Landlords are responsible for providing safe living conditions for their tenants on their properties. This includes making necessary repairs when requested by tenants or when needed due to age or deterioration of property components; complying with all local health & safety regulations; responding timely when contacted about maintenance issues; keeping common areas clean & safe; supplying adequate heating & cooling systems that work properly in all units; providing smoke detectors & other safety devices as required by law; etc. Tenants Rights: Tenants have certain rights under North Dakota Tenant Law including being able to expect that their landlord will abide by these laws and treat them fairly throughout their tenancy period; being able file complaints against them with local housing agencies if they feel any laws have been violated or discriminated against in any way based on race, gender identity/expression or sexual orientation etc.; having access to resources such as Tenants & Neighbors who can provide free legal advice regarding housing issues in North Dakota etc.. It is important that both tenants & landlords understand these laws so they can ensure they are abiding by them properly at all times during tenancy period which will help prevent disputes arising between them later down line.