South Carolina Graduate Schools

A Graduate School is an education institution that offers graduate degrees, including Master and Doctorate degrees. This page lists all accredited graduate schools in the state of South Carolina that provide full-time or part-time graduate education leading to a postgraduate degree. Note: according to AbbreviationFinder, SC is the two-letter abbreviation of South Carolina.

Clemson University
E-106 Martin Hall
Clemson,SC 29634-5120
(864) 656-3195

College of Charleston
66 George Street
Charleston,SC 29424
(803) 953-5670

Converse College
580 East Main Street
Spartanburg,SC 29302
(864) 596-9000

Francis Marion University
P.O.Box 100547
Florence,SC 29501-0547
(803) 661-1231

South Carolina State University
300 College Street, NE
P.O. Box 7127
Orangeburg, SC 29117-7127
(803) 536-7064

Southern Wesleyan
Wesleyan Drive
Central, SC 29630
(864) 639-2453

University of South Carolina
901 Sumter Street
Suite 304
Columbia, SC 29208
(803) 777-4243

Winthrop University
(701) Oakland Avenue
Rock Hill, SC 29733
(803) 323-2204

South Carolina State Overview

Originally part of the Province of Carolina , South Carolina was one of the 13 colonies that declared independence from the British Crown in the American Revolution. The name “Carolina” was given to the colony in honor of King Charles I of England, Scotland and Ireland ( lat. Carolus ).

South Carolina was the first state to secede from the Union and was one of the founding states of the Confederate States of America .

English settlers, mostly sent by the Lords Proprietors of Barbados, established the first colonies in 1670, followed by French Huguenots.

The French and Spanish influences, whose Roman Catholic monarchies were opposed to the English and their ideologies, threatened to grow stronger. To prevent this, the English tried to attract settlers from other countries. Carolina was one of the first colonies to grant settlers freedom of religion. This allowed Baptists, Quakers, Huguenots, Presbyterians, and Jews to freely practice their faith.

The “Carolina” colony was divided into North Carolina and South Carolina in 1712. On March 15, 1776, South Carolina became the first colony to declare its independence from Great Britain. On May 23, 1788, South Carolina became the 8th state to join the United States of America.

In response to Abraham Lincoln’s election as President of the United States of America, South Carolina declared its secession from the Union on December 24, 1860. After all, the proportion of African American slaves was around 57 percent of the population and there were fears of slave revolts with acts of violence and crime.

When Confederate troops began shelling Fort Sumter, the American Civil War broke out. Charleston was besieged and Union naval forces occupied the offshore islands. Plantation owners were driven out and the slaves freed.

After the war, South Carolina was reintegrated into the Union as part of the “Reconstruction” (1865-1877). Former slaves (freedmen) were given limited rights. After the withdrawal of Union troops in 1877, Reconstruction ended. Paramilitary groups like the Red Shirts began to intimidate and terrorize black voters. They thus regained political control.

The state became a hotbed of radical and economic tensions. The new Conservative constitution of 1895 indirectly disenfranchised almost all blacks and many poor whites by introducing a ballot tax and requiring literacy tests. By 1896 only around 5,500 black voters were still registered.

At the beginning of the 20th century, a thriving textile industry developed in South Carolina, but the number of employees has declined sharply. The most important agricultural products today are tobacco, poultry, cattle, dairy products, soybeans and pigs. In addition to textiles, industrial products include chemical products, paper, machines, cars and car accessories.

Tourism has also increased significantly in recent decades.

  • Provides list of counties in South Carolina in alphabetical order. Also covers top 10 counties by area and population.

Geographical location

South Carolina is one of the southern states of the USA, the so-called “Deep South”. Due to its roughly triangular shape, the state borders North Carolina to the north and Georgia from northwest to south. These are the only two neighboring states. In the northeast to the south lies the Atlantic Ocean. The Savannah River, one of the largest rivers in the southeastern United States, flows along the border with Georgia.


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Capital city: Columbia
Largest metropolis: Columbia
Nickname: The Palmetto State
Motto: While I breathe I hope (lat.) Solange ich atme, hoffe ich
Prepared with souls and wealth (lat.) Für alles bereit.

South Carolina