Somerset County, New Jersey Demographics

Somerset County, New Jersey is a beautiful and diverse county located in the US state of New Jersey. It covers an area of 304 square miles and is home to a population of 323,444 people, according to the 2019 US Census Bureau. The county seat is Somerville, and the largest city is Franklin Township.

Geographically, Somerset County is situated in the northern part of New Jersey and borders Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Union, Warren and Mercer counties. It features several picturesque parks including Washington Valley Park in Bridgewater Township with its rolling hills and streams; Duke Island Park in Bridgewater with its lake for fishing; Colonial Park in Franklin Township with its gardens and trails; and Sourland Mountain Preserve in Hillsborough Township for hiking.

The climate of Somerset County is temperate with four distinct seasons. Summers are usually warm to hot with temperatures ranging from 70-90°F while winters are cold with temperatures ranging from 20-35°F. The area receives an average annual precipitation of 45 inches mainly during spring and fall months. Snowfall can range from 10-20 inches per year depending on location within the county.

Somerset County has a diverse population that includes African Americans (6%), Asians (14%), Hispanics (17%), Native Americans (0%), Pacific Islanders (0%) as well as Caucasians (62%). The median household income is $105,401 according to 2017 statistics while the median age lies at 43 years old. The unemployment rate stands at 3%, making it one of the most prosperous counties in New Jersey along with Hunterdon County which has 2%.

Somerset County offers a unique mix of history, natural beauty and modern amenities that make it an attractive destination for both tourists and residents alike. From scenic parks to historic landmarks, there’s something here for everyone to explore.

Economy of Somerset County, New Jersey

The economy of Somerset County, New Jersey is strong and diverse. It is home to several Fortune 500 companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Prudential Financial. The county also hosts numerous small businesses, with many businesses concentrated in the town of Somerville.

The county has a large concentration of manufacturing industries that are vital to its economy. These industries include pharmaceuticals, electronics, plastics, transportation equipment and food products. Somerset also has a significant agricultural sector with dairy farming being one of the main activities in the area.

The service industry is another major part of the county’s economy. Somerset County is home to numerous educational institutions such as Rutgers University and New Jersey Institute of Technology which contribute significantly to the local economy through their research facilities and students spending money in the local community. In addition, there are also several hospitals located within the county that provide employment opportunities for healthcare professionals and services for residents.

Somerset County has seen an influx in tourism over recent years due to its scenic beauty and historic landmarks which attract visitors from all over the world. The area also hosts various festivals throughout the year such as Somerset Arts Festival which brings together local artists and art enthusiasts alike; or Lord Stirling Stable’s Harvest Festival which celebrates autumn with horseback riding demonstrations, hayrides and more.

Somerset County’s economy provides a wide range of opportunities for both businesses and residents alike. With its mix of industrial development, agriculture production, educational institutions and tourism it provides an attractive environment for those looking to start or expand their business ventures or enjoy all that this beautiful region has to offer.

Libraries in Somerset County, New Jersey

According to babyinger, Somerset County, New Jersey is home to a variety of libraries that serve the local community. From public libraries to academic libraries, there is something for everyone in the area.

The Somerset County Library System consists of eight public libraries located throughout the county, from Somerville to North Plainfield. Each library offers a wide selection of books, magazines and other materials for patrons to borrow, as well as access to computers and free Wi-Fi. The library system also offers programs throughout the year such as storytimes for children, book clubs for adults and special events like author talks and film screenings.

Rutgers University’s Alexander Library is one of the largest academic libraries in New Jersey. It contains over 3 million volumes related to a wide range of topics from history to literature and science. The library also provides access to electronic resources such as e-books, databases and journals which can be accessed onsite or remotely with a valid Rutgers ID card. In addition, there are several smaller academic libraries located at other colleges in the area such as Raritan Valley Community College’s Robert L. Kline Library or Princeton University’s Firestone Library which offer specialized collections related to their respective fields of study.

The Somerset County Historical Society operates its own library which houses an extensive collection of materials related to local history including books, manuscripts, photographs and maps dating back to the 1700s. The library also has an online catalog where patrons can search for specific items they are looking for or browse through their entire collection from any computer with internet access.

Finally, Somerset County also offers several specialty libraries such as the Elizabeth Public Library’s Law Library which contains legal materials related to New Jersey state laws; or Rider University’s Music Library which holds over 15 thousand books on music theory and performance practice among its collections.

Somerset County has numerous high-quality libraries that cater to all types of needs whether it be academic research or recreational reading material; providing locals with convenient access to knowledge and culture right at their fingertips.

Landmarks in Somerset County, New Jersey

Somerset County, New Jersey

Somerset County, New Jersey is home to a variety of unique and awe-inspiring landmarks. Located in the central region of the state, Somerset County has been an integral part of New Jersey’s culture and history since its establishment in 1688. From breathtaking parks and forests to historic sites that tell the story of America’s past, Somerset County offers something for everyone. See EHOTELAT for hotels in New Jersey.

One of the most popular landmarks in the county is Duke Farms, a 2,740-acre estate owned by businessman James Buchanan Duke. The estate includes numerous gardens and trails throughout its grounds for visitors to explore, as well as a variety of wildlife habitats such as ponds and marshes where visitors can observe nature up close. The estate also hosts several events throughout the year including concerts, festivals and workshops related to sustainability and conservation.

Another popular landmark in Somerset County is Washington Rock State Park located on the Watchung Mountains. This historic site was once used by General George Washington during the Revolutionary War as an observation post to watch for British troops. Today, visitors can explore its trails or take advantage of its picnic areas while taking in breathtaking views of northern New Jersey from atop this historic mountain peak.

The Bridgewater Commons Mall is another popular landmark in Somerset County that attracts shoppers from all over New Jersey looking for great deals at stores like Macy’s or Nordstrom Rack. In addition to shopping, visitors can also enjoy dining at one of its many restaurants or catch a movie at its AMC Movie Theater complex located onsite.

Finally, no visit to Somerset County would be complete without a stop by one of its many historic sites such as the Revolutionary War Ford Mansion located in Morristown or Van Horne House which was built in 1790 by Peter Van Horne who served as a captain during George Washington’s Continental Army campaign against British forces during the Revolutionary War era. Both sites offer guided tours which provide insight into their historical significance and allow visitors to learn more about life during that period of American history.

From stunning natural landscapes to fascinating historical sites, Somerset County offers something for everyone looking for an unforgettable experience. Whether you are looking for outdoor activities or educational opportunities; be sure you don’t miss out on these amazing landmarks while visiting this beautiful area.