Semester Abroad in UCLA

The UCLA has a campus in the district of Westwood, Los Angeles. If you are looking for a traditional American campus, as you know it from American films, you’ve come to the right place: large grounds, lots of green spaces, old buildings that follow a uniform style and a student mentality that can only be found in America.

I decided on Summer Session C at UCLA because I was studying information management in my master’s degreemust have a compulsory stay abroad. Since the 6-week session C is in the summer semester break, you never lose a semester in Germany. On the contrary, by staying abroad during the semester break, it is possible to collect additional credit points for the semester. A big compliment goes out to , that the application and registration at UCLA conducted smoothly have! All necessary documents are available with English and German descriptions and the MicroEDU staff is available to answer any questions promptly and competently available. I took the two courses MGMT 88 and MGMT 180. Both courses are given by the same professor. The standard compared to my university in Germany is definitely lower, but the professor has an immense life experience that made the two courses very interactive and lively and I took some lessons with me for my life. According to AbbreviationFinder, UCLA is the abbreviation of University of California Los Angeles.

Accustomed I have with a friend off campus in a private apartment. If you search a bit, you will find very acceptable offers that are also cheaper than the offers of the UCLA apartments. For information, the UCLA campus is an alcohol and tobacco free campus.

The Recreation Center is highly recommended for those who are active in sports which is not comparable to any gym that I have ever known. With the student ID you can visit the gym for free and the choice of equipment is enormous. The cafeteria has a wide range of different dishes as a buffet, where you can help yourself with a small fee. Payment is made here with the student ID (BruinCard), which is used at UCLA as a universal means of payment. If you want to stock up on various UCLA merchandise items, you will definitely find the right one in the Bruin Store. However, the items there are relatively expensive. My tip, take a look at the two stores further south of Westwood Blvd. These are located directly in front of the Medical Center. The stores offer similar products that are up to 50% cheaper.

Los Angeles in itself is a very large and sprawling city. The Westwood neighborhood, where UCLA is located, is west of Beverly Hills and Hollywood. Hollywood Boulevard can be reached in around 20 minutes by car. It takes another 20 minutes by car to get to the ocean in Santa Monica. It is worth renting a car with several people, as the distances are very long and the public transport network is not well developed. For trips to amusement parks (e.g. Six Flags) or to Universal Studios, it is worth visiting the UCLA Ticket Office, where you can get discounted tickets for students. Trips to other Californian cities such as San Diego are also worthwhile or San Francisco and if you are already over 21 years old, Las Vegas is also not far away.

Of course, there is also a celebration in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, one or the other will wonder why everything comes to an end at 2 a.m. There are few or no clubs in Westwood. If you are looking for this, you should go to Hollywood, which is also worth an experience. The prices there are of course correspondingly high, but this will generally be the case in clubs. Otherwise there are some bars in Westwood, where the local students often hang out and of course the typical parties of the various associations. The best way to find out what’s going on where is through contact with local students.

Those who like to cook will find that the groceries in Los Angeles are a little more expensive than in Germany. It is even worthwhile to eat out more often, as the restaurants are on average cheaper than in Germany. We recommend the 800 Degrees Pizzeria or the Fat Sal’s takeaway in Westwood for the craziest sandwiches I’ve ever seen. Financially, you have to reckon with around 10,000 € that you spend during the summer session, including trips to the neighboring cities. It is definitely cheaper, but this is a value that you can use as a guide if you are thinking about doing a summer session at UCLA. In my opinion, every penny was worth it!

Semester Abroad in University of California Los Angeles