Rockingham County, New Hampshire Demographics

According to babyinger, Rockingham County, New Hampshire is a beautiful area located in the southeastern part of the state. This county is bordered by Massachusetts to the south, Merrimack County to the north, Hillsborough County to the west and Strafford County to the east. With a total area of 895 square miles, Rockingham is one of New Hampshire’s largest counties.

The geography of Rockingham County is varied and includes several distinct geographic regions. Inland areas are generally hilly and wooded with many small rivers and streams running throughout the county. Along its coastline, there are many rocky beaches and coves with dramatic ocean views. The highest point in Rockingham is Mount Uncanoonuc at 1,356 feet above sea level.

The climate in Rockingham County is typical for New England with cold winters and mild summers. Average temperatures range from highs in the mid 80s during summer months to lows below 20 degrees during winter months. Snowfall averages around 40 inches per year while precipitation averages around 44 inches per year making this region ideal for outdoor activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, fishing and camping.

Rockingham has an estimated population of over 300 thousand people making it one of the most populous counties in New Hampshire. The majority of residents live along its coastline or in cities such as Portsmouth, Hampton and Exeter which are all located within the county’s borders. The population is diverse with people from many different backgrounds living together peacefully throughout different communities in Rockingham County.

Rockingham County offers something for everyone – from outdoor adventurers looking for an adventure to those seeking peaceful retreats along its beautiful coastline or picturesque landscapes inland areas provide something for everyone. With its varied geography, moderate climate and diverse population this region truly has something unique to offer all visitors.

Economy of Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Rockingham County, New Hampshire has a robust and diversified economy that is supported by its strategic location along the Atlantic Coast. The county has seen significant economic growth over the past decade, with a population increase of over 10% since 2010. This growth is largely attributed to the county’s proximity to major cities such as Boston and Portsmouth, as well as its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean.

The largest industry in Rockingham County is tourism, which accounts for approximately 20% of all jobs in the county. With its beautiful coastline, historic sites, recreational activities and year-round attractions, Rockingham County draws visitors from across the region and beyond. Tourism generated $387 million in revenue for Rockingham County in 2017 alone.

Other key industries in Rockingham County include manufacturing, retail trade, professional services and healthcare. Major employers include General Electric (GE), Liberty Mutual Insurance Company and Exeter Hospital. There are also several small businesses throughout the county that provide goods and services to local residents.

The unemployment rate in Rockingham County is below 4%, which is significantly lower than both state (3%) and national (3.7%) averages – this indicates that there are plenty of job opportunities available in this region for those looking for employment. The median household income for Rockingham County is around $70 thousand per year – slightly higher than both state ($68 thousand) and national ($60 thousand) averages – indicating that most households here are doing well financially.

Rockingham County has a strong economy that is supported by its strategic location along the coast as well as a diversified mix of industries including tourism, manufacturing and healthcare. With plenty of job opportunities available throughout the county coupled with high median incomes, this region provides a great quality of life for those living here.

Education in Rockingham County, New Hampshire

According to Topschoolsintheusa, Rockingham County in New Hampshire is known for its strong economy and quality of life. This is due in part to the region’s excellent educational system. The county has a total of 25 public schools, including three high schools, three middle schools, and 19 elementary schools. These schools are overseen by the School Administrative Unit (SAU) 50, which provides educational services to all Rockingham County students.

The SAU 50 public school system offers a variety of educational programs that meet the needs of all students in Rockingham County. These include academic courses such as math, science, English language arts, social studies and foreign languages; special education services; career and technical education programs; and extracurricular activities such as athletics, music and art.

The SAU 50 public school system also provides access to higher education through its partnerships with local colleges and universities. This includes New Hampshire Technical Institute (NHTI), Granite State College (GSC), University of New Hampshire (UNH), Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), Rivier University (Rivier) and Franklin Pierce University (FPU). These institutions offer a wide range of degree programs for both undergraduate and graduate students.

In addition to traditional four-year college degrees, Rockingham County also has several community colleges that offer two-year associate degrees as well as certificate programs in specific trades or disciplines. Some examples include Great Bay Community College (GBCC), River Valley Community College (RVCC) and Manchester Community College (MCC).

Finally, there are several private elementary schools in Rockingham County that provide students with an alternative to the public school system. These schools typically focus on religious or cultural education as well as traditional classroom instruction. Examples include St Thomas Aquinas Academy in Hampton Falls, Our Lady of Peace School in Portsmouth and St Anthony’s School in Exeter.

Rockingham County is well-served by an excellent educational system that offers a variety of options for students at all levels – from early childhood through college/university – ensuring that residents have access to quality education no matter their age or background.

Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Landmarks in Rockingham County, New Hampshire

According to ehangzhou, Rockingham County, New Hampshire is home to a variety of beautiful landscapes and landmarks. From its picturesque coastline to its rolling hills and lush forests, the county offers something for everyone. The area is also rich in history, with a number of historic sites dotting the landscape. Here’s a look at some of the most notable landmarks in Rockingham County.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Rockingham County is the Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse. Located on Badger’s Island in Kittery Point, this white lighthouse was built in 1771 and stands at an impressive 80 feet tall. It has long been an important landmark for ships navigating the Piscataqua River, and is still an active aid to navigation. The lighthouse is open seasonally for tours and offers stunning views of both the river and harbor from its observation deck.

The Fort Constitution Historic Site is another important landmark in Rockingham County. Located on Odiorne Point State Park in Rye, this fort was first constructed during the Revolutionary War as part of a line of coastal defense fortifications known as “The Great Chain”. Today, it stands as a reminder of our nation’s proud military history, with interpretive signs detailing its fascinating past.

The Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion State Historic Site is another must-see landmark in Rockingham County. Located along Little Harbor Road in Portsmouth, this Georgian-style mansion was built circa 1750 by Colonial Governor Benning Wentworth and later occupied by his grandson Thomas Wentworth-Coolidge until his death in 1883. Today, it stands as one of New Hampshire’s oldest surviving homes and contains many original artifacts from colonial times including furniture, paintings and books.

Rockingham County also boasts several historic churches dating back to colonial times including St John’s Episcopal Church located on Chapel Street in Exeter; St Paul’s Episcopal Church located on Pleasant Street in Portsmouth; Christ Church located on Marcy Street in Dover; and First Congregational Church located on Elm Street in Hampton Falls among others. These churches have served as spiritual centers for generations of local residents and remain popular destinations today thanks to their beautiful architecture and interesting histories.

Finally, no list of Rockingham County landmarks would be complete without mentioning Strawbery Banke Museum located along Marcy Street (also known as “Puddle Dock”)in Portsmouth. This 10 acre outdoor museum features more than 40 original buildings dating back to 1695 which tell stories about life through time from Native Americans to modern day immigrants. Visitors can explore these buildings along with costumed interpreters who bring history alive with stories about everyday life during different periods throughout history.

All together these various landmarks make up just some of what makes Rockingham County so special. From its picturesque coastline to its rolling hills, lush forests, historic sites, churches, museums, lighthouses, forts, mansions – there are plenty of things here that will delight visitors from near or far.