Rockingham County, New Hampshire Demographics

Rockingham County, New Hampshire is located in the southeastern portion of the state and lies along the Atlantic Ocean. The county covers an area of approximately 916 square miles and is home to a population of roughly 297,000 people. The county seat is Brentwood and other major cities include Portsmouth, Derry, Salem, and Exeter.

The geography of Rockingham County is quite varied, with rolling hills in the western part of the county that gradually become flatter towards the east. The landscape features a mix of forests, farmland, rivers, lakes and wetlands. Some of the major rivers in Rockingham County include the Merrimack River and Piscataqua River.

Rockingham County has a humid continental climate with hot summers and cold winters. Summers generally experience temperatures in the mid-70s (degrees Fahrenheit) while winters bring temperatures that can drop below freezing at night. Precipitation is fairly evenly distributed throughout the year with an average yearly rainfall amount of around 44 inches. Snowfall can be expected during winter months with an average snowfall amount of approximately 30 inches per year.

As far as population goes, Rockingham County has seen steady growth over the years due to its close proximity to Boston as well as its strong economy based on technology and tourism industries. The population is highly educated with more than half holding a bachelor’s degree or higher and about one-third having some form of post-secondary education beyond high school. The median household income in Rockingham County sits at around $74,000 which is slightly higher than that for New Hampshire as a whole ($68,000).

Economy of Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Rockingham County, New Hampshire has a strong and diverse economy that is largely driven by the technology, tourism, and healthcare industries. The county is home to many large companies such as BAE Systems, Stonyfield Farm, and Autodesk. The county also has a thriving small business sector with more than 40 percent of businesses employing fewer than 10 people.

The technology industry is one of the largest employers in Rockingham County with many large companies setting up shop in the area. Companies like Autodesk, Oracle, and EMC Corp have all established headquarters in the county. This industry provides high paying jobs for residents and helps to boost the local economy.

The tourism industry is another major contributor to the economy of Rockingham County. The county’s location near Boston makes it an attractive destination for tourists from around the world who come to experience its many attractions such as beaches, parks, historic sites, and museums. Additionally, nearby cities such as Portsmouth offer a variety of cultural activities that draw visitors from across New England and beyond.

The healthcare industry is also a major employer in Rockingham County with hospitals such as Exeter Hospital providing jobs for many residents. The area has also seen an increase in private medical practices which provide additional jobs to local residents as well as access to quality healthcare services for those living in the area.

Rockingham County’s economy is strong and diverse with various industries providing employment opportunities for its citizens. With its close proximity to Boston and other major cities providing access to quality amenities such as shopping centers, restaurants, museums etc., it is no wonder why so many people have chosen to call this county home over the years.

Libraries in Rockingham County, New Hampshire

According to babyinger, Rockingham County, New Hampshire is home to an impressive array of libraries that are dedicated to helping residents access information and educational resources. From large research facilities to small-town public libraries, Rockingham County has something for everyone.

The largest library in the county is the Derry Public Library which was founded in 1792 and is one of the oldest public libraries in the United States. It offers a wide selection of books, periodicals, and other media as well as computer access for research purposes. The library also hosts events such as author talks, book clubs, and movie screenings.

The Exeter Public Library is another popular library that serves the greater Exeter area. Founded in 1885, it is one of the oldest public libraries in New Hampshire and offers a wide selection of books, magazines, newspapers, audio books, DVDs and CDs. Additionally, it provides computer access to patrons for research purposes as well as access to online databases such as WorldCat which provides access to millions of titles from around the world.

The Brentwood Public Library offers a variety of services such as book clubs and story times for children along with free computer use for adults and children alike. Additionally, this library has a large collection of local history resources that are available to patrons who wish to explore their family history or learn more about the area’s past inhabitants.

Finally, there are several smaller libraries throughout Rockingham County including Plaistow Public Library which specializes in genealogy research materials; Atkinson Public Library which houses a large collection of children’s books; Kingston Public Library which offers free Wi-Fi; Hampstead Public Library which provides computer access; and Sandown Public Library which features an extensive collection of historical documents from around New England.

Rockingham County has an impressive selection of libraries that provide residents with easy access to educational materials and resources no matter what their interests may be.

Landmarks in Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Rockingham County, New Hampshire

Rockingham County, New Hampshire is home to a variety of historical landmarks and attractions that provide visitors with a glimpse into the area’s past. Located in the southeastern corner of the state, Rockingham County offers visitors a wide range of activities and attractions to explore. See EHOTELAT for hotels in New Hampshire.

One of the most popular landmarks in the county is Strawbery Banke Museum in Portsmouth. This living history museum features over 40 restored buildings that offer insight into life during colonial times. Visitors can explore historic homes, gardens, and workshops as well as interact with costumed interpreters who bring the past to life. The museum also hosts events such as reenactments, festivals, and workshops throughout the year.

For those interested in military history, Fort Constitution Historic Site is a must-see destination. This former fortification was built during the War of 1812 and served as an important defense against British forces until its decommissioning in 1945. Today, it is open for visitors who can explore its grounds including two gun batteries that are still intact from when it was active.

Another popular landmark is Wentworth-Coolidge Mansion State Historic Site which is located on Little Harbor in Portsmouth. Originally built by Governor John Wentworth for himself and his family in 1750, this Georgian-style mansion provides visitors with a glimpse into 18th century New England life with its period furniture, artwork, and other artifacts from that era on display throughout the house’s interior rooms.

The historic town of Exeter also offers several interesting landmarks for visitors to explore including American Independence Museum which features artifacts related to New Hampshire’s role in declaring independence from Great Britain as well as a replica printing press used by John Hancock during his time as governor; Phillips Exeter Academy which is one of America’s oldest private schools; Swasey Parkway which was once part of an old railway line; and Water Street Bookstore which is one of America’s oldest independent bookstores still operating today.

Finally, no visit to Rockingham County would be complete without visiting Hampton Beach State Park located along New Hampshire’s seacoast near Hampton Beach Village. This scenic park offers miles of beachfront for swimming or sunbathing along with plenty of trails for hiking or biking through wooded areas filled with wildlife including deer and various species of birds and waterfowl that call this area home year-round.