Risan, Montenegro

Holidays in Risan can be one of the most enjoyable moments of life. Local folklore says that man is born to mess around. The general atmosphere of life in this city is such that this thesis is fully confirmed. The slowness, serenity, calmness and goodwill of the locals has a beneficial, almost therapeutic effect on tourists. Even if the city had no other advantages, it would still be worth visiting.


According to simplyyellowpages, Risan is located a few kilometers from Perast, its history begins in the 3rd century BC – then it was the fortified capital city of the Illyrian queen Teuta. The queen, unable to resist the invaders, threw herself off a cliff into the sea.

Tradition says that before that, she cursed Risan, saying that there would never be a port of her own here – such a purely feminine curse. By the way, there is no port…

By the beginning of our era, the city was conquered by the Romans. However, these events are described in detail in the history textbook. With your own eyes, you can see only one evidence of the events of those distant years – five Roman mosaics. This is perhaps the oldest attraction in the city. Later, Risan passed into the hands of the Ottoman conquerors, then into the hands of the Venetians, survived a short French rule and Austrian rule. As usual, all the new and successive rulers left their mark on the history and appearance of the city. But to this day, especially old and colorful sights have not been preserved.

Now a little more than 2,000 people live in Risan – the town is tiny. But its surroundings cannot be called otherwise than wonderful. Transparent air, not poisoned by industrial emissions, permeated with the aromas of coniferous forests and cypresses, the purest waters of the Adriatic Sea, a riot of various plants, a mild subtropical climate – all this affects the health of those who decide to relax in Risan.

It is very convenient that the city has its own point of tourist (and not only) information. Here, any visitor will be told where to stay, how to find the way, where to eat exactly what he likes, where to go for a walk, how to get to the hotel.

Hotels and apartments in Risan

There is only one hotel in the city itself (although it is possible to rent a villa or apartment), but nearby, in Perast, Kotor and nearby cities, there are many hotels for every, even the most demanding taste. Many of them are literally a few meters from the edge of the sea.

Restaurants and shops

Restaurants with delicious food prepared from local products are scattered all over Risan. The service here is cordial and friendly, no formalism. There are also a lot of grocery stores, suppliers of most products that live nearby.

Entertainment and attractions of Risan

Despite the rich history, the city cannot boast of a large number of attractions. Marble Castle is the most famous building in the city, but this building is modern, although it was built in accordance with the architectural traditions of the region in the ancient style. The castle is located almost on the city beach, the proximity of the sea makes it even more visually attractive. The interiors of the castle are made using expensive blue marble and decorated with decorative panels, openwork lattices, spectacular lamps. For those wishing to stay in the castle, eight rooms are equipped, all of them are equipped with modern appliances, comfortable furniture and have magnificent observation platforms from which you can admire the panoramas of the sea or the surrounding area. The basement of the castle is reserved for car parking for guests, so.

Roman courtyards are also interesting – a complex of 8 picturesque buildings on the very shore of the Bay of Kotor, one of the most picturesque in the world. The complex brought together ancient architectural traditions and modern amenities. BUT, if we talk about comfort, we cannot but mention the ruins of a Roman villa located on the territory of the city. The image of the god Hypnos on the mosaic floor, the remains of paintings on the walls, the layout of the premises – everything indicates that rest and sleep were at the forefront in the villa.

Despite the size, Risan is simply replete with discos, nightclubs and discos, the lively rumble of the resting crowd does not stop here around the clock.

Risan, Montenegro