Preshov, Slovakia

According to best-medical-schools, Presov is a beautiful quiet Slovak city located on the Polish-Ukrainian border on the slopes of the High Tatras. There are always many students here, and in winter, with the start of the ski season, there are also many tourists. This small town is the center of the most beautiful ski region in the country, and many use it as a staging post on their way to the slopes.

Prešov was practically not damaged during the Second World War, so the architecture of various eras has been preserved here: from the Catholic cathedral of the 14th century with a unique baroque altar to the Lutheran church of the 17th century.

How to get to Presov

By train from Poland, Hungary, Romania. By bus from almost all major cities in Europe. Kosice International Airport is located 50 km from the city.


City transport is represented by buses and trolleybuses. Bus and railway stations are located 1 km from the city center. To get to the center, you need to go along the street. Masarikov, passing into the main street of Preshov – st. Main. Or take the trolleybus number 4 (10 minutes on the way).

Cuisine and restaurants

Presov is a city for a calm and measured rest. There are few bars, discos and nightclubs here. But cafes and taverns abound. It was in one of them that the famous Alexander Suvorov liked to visit. The cuisine is striking in its diversity. And in the famous Film Cafe you will be offered branded cocktails with the names of famous films.

Each of the establishments is replete with wines, which is not surprising. Presov is the land of winemaking. And the production of wine is a family business for many residents, since the cool cellars of buildings are an ideal place for wine barrels.

Presov is the leader in winemaking among other regions of Slovakia. The choice of wines will pleasantly surprise even the most sophisticated connoisseur.

Entertainment and attractions in Presov

One of the advantages of the city is that all the most interesting places are concentrated on the main street. Here you can find all the major shops, trade centers, several Internet cafes.

On the main street you can see the Church of St. Nicholas – one of the main relics of the city. A sample of Gothic art has been revived from ruins more than once. Now it has been restored and delights visitors with many sculptures. The Klobuszycki Palace, the Evangelical Church, the Jewish Quarter, a number of churches and temples – you can see all this on the main street.

The city market is very popular. The counters are replete with goods so that “eyes run wide.” And after a pleasant shopping, it’s time for a walk. A wonderful place is the old park of Semiata. Not far from it is the fountain of Neptune, made in the form of a small island with the lord Neptune in the center.

Presov is the only city in the country that has been mining salt since ancient times. In the museum you can see various types of salt mining and production, get acquainted with the equipment personally. 6 km from Prešov there is the Šarish castle, famous for its beauty, as well as the Šariš suburb, where you can taste local beer.

The only cave in the region called “Evil Pit” is a 30-minute drive from Presov. Do not forget to take warm clothes, because the temperature inside the cave does not rise above +7 °C. Flashlights for easy movement will be given to you at the entrance. The cave is open to the public from 8:30-19:00.

Preshov, Slovakia