Phuket Island, Thailand

According to findjobdescriptions, Phuket Island is located in the southeast of Thailand and looks like an irregularly shaped pearl. The island is known for its secluded sandy beaches, picturesque coral reefs, cliffs and clear seas. More than half of Phuket’s territory is covered with tropical forests, which, combined with waterfalls, parks, coconut plantations, makes Phuket an ideal place to relax. In addition to the wonderful nature in Phuket, hospitable inhabitants of the island, excellent seafood, beautiful waterfalls among the picturesque mountains, unique architecture that has absorbed the influences of India, Portugal and China are waiting for you.

Beaches and coasts of Phuket

Mai Khao Beach is the longest beach on the island, bordered by a pine forest. Every year from November to February, giant sea turtles emerge from the sea to lay their eggs on the beach.
Hat Nai Yaang
Beach This beach is located in the Sirinat National Park, next to the beach flaunts a grove of casuarina pines, as well as mangroves.

Pansy and Surin beaches are the island’s most beautiful beaches, this picturesque coast has two amazing caves, although the whirlpools may not be safe for swimmers
Kamala Beach is another beautiful sandy beach. The northern part of the beach, where casuarina grow, is suitable for swimming.
Patong Beach offers a variety of entertainment and leisure activities, sports and shopping opportunities. Patong is a semi-circular bay, its coast is over 3 km long.
Karon and Kata beaches – both of these beaches are distinguished by silence and fabulously beautiful nature, here you can sunbathe, swim, dive, rent windsurfing or a sailing yacht.
Naiharn beach– white sandy beach on the shore of a shallow lagoon, located between high cliffs. There are excellent conditions for swimming, windsurfing and sailing, as well as for those who like to sunbathe.
Rawai Beach
Nestled along a palm grove, it is also famous for its village of “sea gypsies”: a wandering tribe of fishermen who are believed to be from Melanesia.
Chalong Bay – The coast is popular for the best seafood restaurants on the island.
Phanwa Peninsula – here, the southern tip of the island is the Center for Biological Research of the Sea and the Phuket Aquarium.

Phuket Main Attractions Phuket
This small provincial center has many shops and markets and monuments of Sino-Portuguese architecture, which give originality and unique charm to the small town.
Mount Khao Rang
The mountain offers a beautiful view of the city, the park.

Phuket Fantasy
Theme Park
The main themes of this park are the rich history of Thailand, as well as the exotic nature of the country. In the park, thanks to the use of advanced technologies, you can get acquainted not only with the beauties of nature, but also with the rich and ancient traditions of the country. There is a self-service restaurant with 4,000 seats, with excellent Thai cuisine, where, in addition, Western and Eastern dishes are prepared. kitchens. On the stage of the Variety Theatre, you can see exciting performances in the style of a Las Vegas show, modern special effects are used here in colorful and spectacular performances based on the plots of Thai myths.
Thai village
The village is located on Thep Krasattri road. The local restaurant prepares dishes typical of the south of the country, as well as shows ethnic dances, swordsmanship, Thai boxing, trained elephants and other traditional performances.
Thalang National Museum The
museum is located near the monument to the two heroines, exhibits and various artifacts from the history of Phuket are exhibited here.
Wat Phra Thong Monastery
The monastery is located near Hat Nai Yaang Beach and is famous for the gold-covered Buddha statue buried up to the chest in the ground. Local legend says that once a boy tied his buffalo to a peg sticking out of the ground. Then the boy and his buffalo fell ill with some disease. The villagers, suspecting something was wrong, began to dig out the same peg from under the ground. It turned out to be the upper part of a golden statue depicting the radiance emanating from the crown of the Buddha. The peasants were able to free a fragment of the sculpture, over which the temple was built. When the Burmese invaders tried to take the statue away in the 18th century, they were attacked by a swarm of wasps and were also unable to dig it up.
Laem Phromthep Peninsula
This is the southern tip of Phuket, where you can admire the most beautiful sunsets on the island.
Koh Kaew Island
This island is located three kilometers from Hat Rawai Beach and can be reached in half an hour by boat. A copy of the footprint of the Buddha is kept here.
Ko Racha Yai
Island With its sparkling beaches and picturesque coral reefs, this island can be reached in 2-3 hours by boat from Ao Chalong Bay during the dry season (December-April).
Namtok Tonsai Waterfall and Khao Phra Thao Nature Reserve Spread
over 22 square kilometers, the idyllic landscape of the nature reserve is dominated by a waterfall that crashes down from the rocks in a noisy stream. There are various types of wild animals – bears, porcupines, gibbons and macaques. The map of the reserve shows hiking trails for wildlife lovers.
Wat Chalong Monastery
Wat Chalong is located a few kilometers from Ao Chalong Bay. The monastery houses statues of two of the most revered monks in Phuket: Luang Pho Cham and Luang Pho Chuang.
Pearl farms Several pearl
farms are located both on and around Phuket. For more information about tours, please contact the Thailand Tourism Office in Phuket.
The center of traditional crafts, where masters of silver and goldsmiths, artisans who make umbrellas, lacquer products, silk fabrics work.
Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World
This farm is located 3 kilometers from the city and has an amazing collection of tropical butterflies and insects.
Wat Phra Nang Sang
This Buddhist monastery is a landmark associated with the history of Phuket. Initially, during the war with Burma, a fortification was built on this site. In the main hall of the temple there are three ancient statues of Buddha made of tin.

Phuket Island, Thailand