Nevada Geography

Nevada – key data

Land area: 286,367 sq km (7th place of all US states)

Population: 2.6 million people (2008 estimate, ranked 35th of all states in the USA)

Population density: 9.0 residents per square kilometer (42nd place of all states in the USA)

Member of the USA since: October 31, 1864 (36th state in the USA)

Capital: Carson City (55,289 residents, 2006)

Largest city: Las Vegas (599,087 residents, 2007, metropolitan region 1.84 million residents)

Highest point: 4,005 m, Boundary Peak

Lowest point: 146 m, Colorado River

Governor: Jim Gibbons (Republican)

Lieut. Governor: Brian Krolicki (Republican)

Local time: CET -9 h. From the second Sunday in March to the first Sunday in November: CET -8 h.
The time difference to Central Europe is -9 h in both winter and summer.

Postal abbreviation: NV

According to ehotelat, Nevada, with the capital Carson City, is located in the western United States. In addition to South Africa and Australia, Nevada has the largest gold deposits in the world.
With an area of ​​286,367 square kilometers, Nevada ranks seventh in size compared to the other states. The average altitude of the state territory is 1,675 meters above sea level. The highest mountain in Nevada is the 4,005 meter high Boundary Peak. The lowest point is on the bank of the Colorado River at 146 meters.

To the north, Nevada is bordered by Oregon and Idaho. To the east is Utah. The southeastern neighbor is Arizona. This boundary is primarily formed by the course of the Colorado River, which is 2,333 kilometers long. California is located in western Nevada.

Most of Nevada is dominated by the Great Basin. The dry area of ​​about 540,000 square kilometers extends between the Wasatch Range in the east and the Sierra Nevada and the Cascade Range in the West. The Great Basin is characterized by stone and sand deserts, steppe areas, mostly dried-up watercourses, canyons and salt lakes and consists of around 100 smaller basins and valleys framed by mountain ranges. Most of the basin lies within the boundaries of Nevada; Oregon, Utah, Idaho and Arizona also have smaller shares.

While the desert and desert steppes predominate in the south of Nevada, the center and north of the state are criss-crossed by wide long valleys running in a north-south direction. In the southwest of Nevada rise the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. The approximately 650 kilometers long high mountains with their dense forests and snow-capped peaks form the continuation of the cascade chain in the northwest of the USA. The highest mountain in the Sierra Nevada is the 4,418 meter high Mount Whitney, after the 6,194 meter high Mount McKinley in Alaska, the second highest mountain in the United States.
There are numerous national parks and protected forests in the Sierra Nevada. It also harbors the only occurrence of the giant sequoia tree.

Las Vegas (Nevada, USA)

Las Vegas is a city in the American state of Nevada that most people know at least by name because of the many different casinos that can be found there.
Not only for visitors from other countries, but also for many Americans, Las Vegas is a very popular destination that should not be missed when traveling to the USA.
Even if the casinos are of course one of the highlights of this city, it also has various other things to offer, whereby it is primarily a very nice starting point for various excursions in the area.
The most popular destinations include Death Valley, Grand Canyon and Red Rock Canyon, but also a few more. In addition, the mountains that can be found around the city are a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts in winter, as there are the best conditions for skiing and snowboarding, although of course many combine winter sports with a round in the casinos around to be able to use their time optimally.
Las Vegas is actually always worth a trip because of the gambling halls alone, but also because of the city itself, which comprises a very beautiful area in which you get a lot on offer and is one of the cities in the USA. Which you should definitely know if you really want to get a good impression of the country and its people, it is one of the highlights, so to speak, even if the gambling was not good for the city in every way.
In any case, Las Vegas has become almost legendary and is simply one of the things that you should have experienced at least once in your life, because even if you run the risk of losing a little money, you will still encounter it a whole lot of different impressions that you can only get in this city.
Certainly there are other cities with casinos, but nowhere is the show and the addiction to entertainment as lived out as in the beautiful city of Las Vegas, where there are actually no limits to crazy things.

Nevada Geography