National University of Luján (Argentina)

National University of Luján. Public education center of Argentina, with the purpose of producing knowledge, transmitting it and linking with society trying to provide solutions to the problems that afflict it and, at the same time, seeking the full development of the individual are the goals that characterize the university’s work.


During the 1960s and 1970s, university demand in Argentina was high and the creation of new universities became necessary. Because of this, and after the approval of Law 20,031, the National University of Luján was created. The University was influenced by an agricultural area, located on the border with the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires, which was characterized by rapid demographic, economic and industrial growth. It was the pioneer in offering the possibility of studies to people over 25 years of age without a secondary degree, reaching an average age of 33 years.

Closing and reopening

Surely, and due to its particular history, this University is felt by society as a conquest. Its closure, which occurred in 1980, during a dark period in Argentina’s past, was repaired in an act of strict justice with the sanction of Law 23044, which ordered its reopening, produced on July 30, 1984, once democracy had been restored in the country.. Since then, it has consolidated its image in such a way that, year after year, several thousand young people choose UNLu to start higher studies in one of their undergraduate courses. Currently, the Centers are an integral part of the University, whose growth, mission and functions must harmoniously accompany the whole of it.


The first Rector was Dr. Ramón Rosell, he was the one who created the Commission for the University of Luján. The second Rector was Emilio Mignone who shortly afterwards carried out an expansion of the University; he created the Regional Centers located in General Sarmiento, Mercedes, Chivilcoy and July 9. This expansion was not in the original idea for the creation of the University, but it was very useful to strengthen it in difficult political times.


  • Headquarters
  • Capital Headquarters
  • Bell Regional Center
  • San Miguel Regional Center
  • Chivilcoy Regional Center
  • San Fernando Delegation


  • General Secretary
  • Secretary of Administration
  • Planning Secretariat
  • Academic secretary
  • Secretary of University Welfare
  • Secretariat of Science and Technology
  • Extension Secretariat
  • Secretariat of Institutional Relations and Technological Linkage

Academic units

  • Department of Basic Sciences
  • Department of Social Sciences
  • Department of Education
  • Department of Technology
  • Bell Regional Center
  • Chivilcoy Regional Center
  • San Miguel Regional Center
  • San Fernando Delegation
  • UGAE (External Academic Management Unit)


  • General Directorate of Administration of Teaching, Research and Extension Services
  • General Directorate of Infrastructure
  • General Directorate of Human Resources
  • General Directorate of Systems
  • Economic and Financial General Directorate
  • General Directorate of Academic Affairs
  • Directorate of General Services
  • General Directorate of Institutional Management
  • Rector’s Office Management
  • Legal Affairs Department
  • Library Address
  • University Welfare Department
  • General Directorate of Extension
  • Academic Management Department
  • Science and Technology Management Department
  • Postgraduate Directorate
  • Department of Social Assistance and Comprehensive Medicine of the National University of Luján

Research and extension

The University recognizes as one of its essential functions the development of research in all its forms and manifestations, agreeing on the maximum possible facilities for carrying out research, with the necessary resources at its disposal and the training of researchers, which is a task inherent to the condition of university professor. The university extension is one of the ways to carry out the social function, by promoting its insertion in the environment and solidarity with society, in order to spread the benefits of science, arts and culture in the community., and at the same time, contribute to the solution of local, regional and national problems.

National University of Luján (Argentina)