Iowa Graduate Schools

A Graduate School is an education institution that offers graduate degrees, including Master and Doctorate degrees. This page lists all accredited graduate schools in the state of Iowa that provide full-time or part-time graduate education leading to a postgraduate degree. Note: according to AbbreviationFinder, IA is the two-letter abbreviation of Iowa.

Drake University
2507 University Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50311
(515) 271-3871

Iowa State University
314 Alumni Hall
Ames, IA 50011-2010
(515) 294-0818

St. Ambrose University
518 West Locust Street
Davenport, IA 52803
(319) 333-3000

University of Dubuque
2000 University Avenue
Dubuque, IA 52001
(319) 589-3000

University of Iowa
107 Calvin Hall
Iowa City, IA 52242-1396
(319) 335-1525

University of Northern Iowa
1222 West 27th Street
Cedar Falls, IA 50614-0033
(319) 273-2241

Iowa State Overview

The state takes its name from the Iowa tribe, a people of American Sioux Indians. The word is said to come from ayuhewa (“sleeping”).

Iowa is located in the Midwest of the United States. The first Europeans to explore the region were French. Officially, the first Americans moved to the country in June 1833. They were originally from Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. On December 28, 1846, Iowa joined the United States and became the 29th state of the Union.

During the American Civil War, Iowa supported the Union of Northern States, despite an anti-war movement known as “Copperhead” forming in the country. The opponents of the war were mostly Catholics and settlers who came to the country from the southern states. In Iowa itself there was no hostilities, but the country sent supplies to the army.

After the civil war, the population almost doubled within ten years from 1860 to 1870. After the United States entered World War I, Iowa experienced significant economic growth, and Iowa’s industry also grew strongly during World War II.

However, agriculture is still the country’s main industry and the main crops are potatoes and corn, pork, beef and dairy products.

A center of the insurance industry is located in Des Moines.

  • Provides list of counties in Iowa in alphabetical order. Also covers top 10 counties by area and population.

Geographical location

The state’s eastern boundary is the Mississippi River, which separates Iowa from northeastern Wisconsin and southeastern Illinois. Minnesota is in the north of the state. Iowa borders Nebraska and South Dakota to the west and Wisconsin to the south.

Iowa doesn’t have many naturally formed lakes ( Spirit Lake, West Okoboji Lake, and East Okoboji Lake and some man-made lakes Saylorville Lake, Lake Red Rock, Coralville Lake, Lake MacBride, and Rathbun Lake .

The difference in elevation from 146 m at Keokuk in the southeast to the 509 m high Hawkeye Point in the northwest of the state is rather small in relation to the total area of ​​the state.

Capital city: Monks
Largest metropolis: Monks
Nickname: The Hawkeye State
The Tall Corn State
Motto: Our liberties we prize
and our rights we will maintain