Henderson, Maryland Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to smber, Henderson is a small town located in Caroline County, Maryland, United States. Situated in the eastern part of the state, Henderson is surrounded by picturesque landscapes and offers a peaceful and serene atmosphere for its residents. With a population of around 1500 people, it is a close-knit community where neighbors know each other by name.

Henderson is bordered by several other towns and cities, each with its own unique charm and attractions. To the north of Henderson is the town of Greensboro, which lies just a few miles away. Greensboro is a historic town known for its beautiful architecture and rich cultural heritage. Visitors can explore the Greensboro Historic District, which features a variety of well-preserved buildings dating back to the 19th century. The town also hosts annual events like the Greensboro Bluegrass Festival, which attracts music lovers from all over the region.

To the south of Henderson is Denton, the county seat of Caroline County. Denton is a larger town with a population of around 4,300 people. It offers a range of amenities and services, including shopping centers, restaurants, and recreational facilities. Denton is also home to the Caroline County Public Library, which provides residents with access to a wide range of books, resources, and community events. The town hosts the Caroline Summerfest each year, a popular event that features live music, food vendors, and family-friendly entertainment.

To the east of Henderson is the town of Marydel, which straddles the Maryland-Delaware border. Marydel is a small community known for its rural charm and friendly atmosphere. The town has a strong agricultural heritage, and many residents are involved in farming and related industries. Marydel is home to the Marydel Volunteer Fire Company, which provides critical emergency services to the surrounding area. The town also hosts the Marydel Lions Club Carnival, a popular annual event that brings the community together for fun and fundraising.

To the west of Henderson is the town of Ridgely, another small community in Caroline County. Ridgely is known for its beautiful parks and outdoor recreational opportunities. Visitors can enjoy hiking, fishing, and picnicking at the Adkins Arboretum, a 400-acre nature preserve located just outside of town. Ridgely is also home to the Caroline County 4-H Park, which hosts a variety of events and activities throughout the year, including the annual Caroline-Dorchester County Fair.

In conclusion, Henderson, Maryland, is a charming town surrounded by a number of other small communities that offer a range of amenities and attractions. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor activities, or community events, the neighboring towns of Greensboro, Denton, Marydel, and Ridgely provide plenty of options for residents and visitors alike.

Population, Schools and Landmarks in Henderson, Maryland

Henderson, Maryland is a small town located in Caroline County on the eastern shore of the state. With a population of approximately 1500 residents, Henderson is known for its tight-knit community and picturesque surroundings. Despite its small size, the town has a rich history and several notable landmarks that contribute to its charm.

The population of Henderson consists of a diverse mix of individuals, including families, young professionals, and retirees. The town’s close-knit community fosters a sense of belonging and neighborliness that is often lacking in larger cities. Residents take pride in their town and actively participate in community events and initiatives.

According to Toppharmacyschools, education is highly valued in Henderson, and the town is home to a number of schools that provide quality education to its residents. The Henderson Elementary School is the primary educational institution in the town, catering to students from kindergarten to fifth grade. The school offers a comprehensive curriculum and a nurturing environment that helps students thrive academically and socially.

In addition to the elementary school, Henderson is also within close proximity to several high schools and colleges in the surrounding area. Students have access to a range of educational opportunities, ensuring a well-rounded academic experience.

Henderson is also known for its remarkable landmarks that reflect its historical significance. One such landmark is the Henderson Wharf, which was once a bustling port along the Choptank River. The wharf served as a hub for the transportation of goods and played a crucial role in the town’s development. Today, it stands as a testament to Henderson’s maritime heritage and offers visitors a glimpse into its past.

Another notable landmark in Henderson is the Henderson United Methodist Church. The church, established in 1852, is an architectural gem that showcases stunning Gothic Revival style. With its towering spire and intricate stained glass windows, the church serves as a visual centerpiece in the town and is a source of spiritual solace for the community.

Nature enthusiasts will find solace in the Tuckahoe State Park, located just a short drive away from Henderson. The park spans over 3,800 acres and offers a plethora of outdoor activities, including hiking, biking, fishing, and camping. It is a popular destination for both locals and visitors looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse themselves in nature’s beauty.

In conclusion, Henderson, Maryland, may be a small town, but it is big on community spirit, education, and historical landmarks. Its population is comprised of diverse individuals who take pride in their town and actively participate in community events. With a focus on education, Henderson provides quality schooling options for its residents. The town’s landmarks, such as the Henderson Wharf and the Henderson United Methodist Church, highlight its historical significance and architectural beauty. Additionally, the nearby Tuckahoe State Park offers a retreat into nature for outdoor enthusiasts. Henderson, Maryland, is a hidden gem that holds immense appeal for those seeking a close-knit community and a slice of history.