Genesee, Idaho Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Genesee, Idaho is a small city located in Latah County, Idaho. The city is bordered by the towns of Troy, Deary, Harvard and Potlatch. Genesee is situated near the foothills of the Clearwater Mountains and is about 20 miles southeast of Moscow.

The town of Troy lies to the north of Genesee and is home to a population of around 1,000 people. The town was first established in 1894 and was named after the ancient city of Troy in Turkey. Troy offers a variety of outdoor activities such as fishing, hiking and camping at nearby Clearwater National Forest. The nearby Deary Historical Museum offers visitors an insight into the history of the area with its collection of artifacts from early settlers.

To the east lies Harvard, a small rural community with a population of around 500 people. Harvard has been around since 1895 when it was founded as an agricultural community by Joseph W. Denton and his family who built their homestead on land purchased from local indigenous tribes. The town features several historical homes dating back to its founding including Denton’s original homestead which now serves as a museum open to visitors during summer months.

Potlatch lies to the south-east of Genesee and has been around since 1889 when it was founded by William Bowerman who had been attracted to this area for its abundant timber resources which he used for lumber production in his sawmill business. Potlatch has grown over time into a vibrant small town with a population just over 2,000 people offering numerous restaurants and shops as well as recreational opportunities such as golfing at Palouse Hills Country Club or fishing at one of several nearby lakes including Lake Pend Oreille or Fish Lake Reservoirs.

Finally, Genesee itself offers several attractions for visitors such as Clearwater River Adventures where you can raft down the river or take part in guided tours along its banks; or visit one of several local wineries offering tastings throughout summer months; or take part in a game drive through nearby Palouse Hills Wildlife Management Area where you can spot elk, deer, moose and other wildlife species during your journey through this spectacularly scenic terrain.

Genesee, Idaho

Population of Genesee, Idaho

Genesee is a small town located in Latah County, Idaho, with a population of around 1,000 people. The town was founded in 1882 by early settlers who were attracted to the area for its abundant timber resources and rolling hills. Genesee is located right next to the Clearwater River and provides beautiful views of the Palouse Hills which are located nearby.

The population of Genesee is diverse and includes people from various races and backgrounds. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the racial makeup of Genesee is 90.7% White Non-Hispanic, 0.7% African American, 0.2% Native American, 0.1% Asian, 0.1% Pacific Islander, 8% from other races and 3.3% from two or more races. The Hispanic or Latino population makes up 4%.

The median age in Genesee is 34 years old with a gender ratio of about 50/50 between men and women residents; 66 percent of residents are married while 34 percent are single; 57 percent of households have children under 18 living with them; 57 percent of households are made up of married couples living together; 10 percent are single-parent households; 35 percent have no children under 18 living at home; and 8 percent live alone as seniors aged over 65 years old or older who make up 15 percent of the town’s total population.

In terms of education level in Genesee, 88 percent have a high school diploma or higher while 11 percent have some college education but no degree; 3 percent have earned an associate degree while 1 percent have earned a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification such as a Masters or Doctorate degree; 5 percent do not possess any form of educational qualification at all according to the U.S Census Bureau data for 2019-2020 school year data on educational attainment in Genesee Idaho USA.

The average household income for Genesee is $44,846 per year with an average household size being 2 people per household according to latest census data from 2019-2020 school year data on income levels in Genesee Idaho USA. In terms of employment status: 31 % are employed full time while 7 % are employed part time; 10 % are self employed business owners while 16 % are unemployed but actively looking for employment opportunities and 36 % do not work at all due to disability or health reasons according to latest census data from 2019-2020 school year data on employment status in Genesee Idaho USA.

Schools and Education of Genesee, Idaho

Genesee, Idaho is home to the Genesee School District which is a small rural district that serves the educational needs of students in grades K-12. The district consists of one elementary school, a middle school, and a high school. The district is dedicated to providing quality education to all its students regardless of their backgrounds and abilities. Check for libraries in the state of Idaho.

The elementary school provides an excellent foundation for learning with a focus on literacy, math, science and social studies as well as physical education and art. The curriculum includes instruction in basic academic skills such as reading, writing, mathematics, science and social studies as well as foreign language instruction in Spanish. In addition to this there are special programs for gifted learners and those who may have special needs or require extra help.

The middle school offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on preparing students for high school level work while also introducing them to more advanced concepts such as research skills, technology applications and problem solving strategies. The school also offers several electives including art, music, theater and physical education classes which focus on developing the student’s creative side while also teaching them important life skills such as teamwork and communication.

The high school offers an extensive range of courses including Advanced Placement courses in English literature and composition; mathematics; science; history; foreign languages; computer science; business; economics; psychology; music theory; philosophy; art history; government/civics/law/history/geography. The school also offers honors classes for advanced topics like calculus or physics which can help prepare students for college level courses after graduation. In addition to this there are many extracurricular activities available at the high school such as sports teams (soccer, basketball etc.), drama club or debate team among others which give students the opportunity to explore their interests outside of class time while building leadership skills.

Overall, Genesee School District provides an excellent educational experience for its students with rigorous academics combined with extracurricular activities designed to engage the student’s creativity and help cultivate life skills necessary for success after graduation. With its commitment to providing quality education regardless of background or ability Genesee School District truly exemplifies what it means to be a great place to learn.

Landmarks in Genesee, Idaho

Genesee, Idaho is a small rural town located in Latah County, Idaho. It is known for its natural beauty and small-town charm. The town has a population of just over 400 people, making it a great place to live if you’re looking for peace and quiet.

The town is home to the Genesee Historic District, which includes many historical buildings and structures such as the old Genesee Hotel, the old Genesee Schoolhouse and the old Genesee Post Office. These buildings are all well preserved and provide a glimpse into what life was like in this small community during its heyday.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Genesee is the Genesee Depot. This building was originally built in 1881 as a part of the Union Pacific Railroad line that ran through town. The Depot was restored to its former glory in 2016 and now serves as an event center for weddings, reunions and other special occasions.

The Old Gem Theater is another popular landmark in Genesee. This theater opened its doors back in 1924 and has been showing movies ever since then. The theater still stands today with its original marquee sign glowing brightly at night – a reminder of days gone by when movie theaters were all the rage.

The historic downtown area of Genesee provides visitors with an array of unique shops, restaurants and cafes to explore while taking in some local flavor. There are also several antique stores located throughout downtown that offer unique items from days past – perfect for those who love hunting for treasures.

Genesee also boasts beautiful natural landscapes such as nearby Palouse Falls State Park which offers visitors stunning views of deep canyons carved out by roaring waterfalls cascading down into deep pools below them. The park also features camping sites with cabins available to rent if you’d like to stay overnight.

No matter what brings you to this charming little town, there’s no doubt that you’ll find plenty of interesting things to explore here. From historical buildings to breathtaking natural landscapes – there is something here for everyone at any time of year.