Franklin County, Florida Demographics

Franklin County, Florida is a small coastal county located in the panhandle region of the state. The county is bordered by Wakulla and Liberty counties to the west, Gulf County to the south, and Bay and Calhoun counties to the east. Franklin County is home to six municipalities, including Apalachicola, Carrabelle, Eastpoint, St. George Island, Lanark Village and Alligator Point.

The geography of Franklin County is mostly flat with some rolling hills in the eastern part of the county. It’s situated along a narrow strip of land between Apalachicola Bay and St. George Sound. Much of Franklin County’s terrain consists of wetlands and marshland that are protected by several national parks and wildlife refuges.

The climate in Franklin County is humid subtropical with hot summers and mild winters. Average temperatures range from 50-90°F throughout the year with occasional cold snaps during winter months. Rainfall averages around 55 inches per year with most precipitation occurring during summer months from May through September.

As of 2018, Franklin County had a population of 11,876 people spread across its six municipalities with Apalachicola being the largest population center in the county with 2,611 residents. The majority of residents (68%) are White non-Hispanic while 21% are African American non-Hispanic and 9% are Hispanic or Latino origin. The median household income for Franklin County was $35,567 as compared to $59,039 for all of Florida in 2018 making it one of the poorest counties in Florida overall.

Economy of Franklin County, Florida

Franklin County, Florida is a rural county located along the panhandle region of the state. It’s largely agricultural with a small but growing tourism industry. Agriculture is the primary economic driver in Franklin County, accounting for over 37% of total employment in 2017. The county’s major crops include soybeans, cotton, corn, peanuts and hay. The seafood industry is also an important part of the economy with Apalachicola Bay being one of the most productive estuaries in America for oyster production.

Tourism is another key economic sector in Franklin County. St George Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Florida with its white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and abundant wildlife. The island attracts visitors from all over the world who come to enjoy activities such as fishing, swimming and kayaking as well as exploring nearby islands like Dog Island and St Vincent Island National Wildlife Refuge.

The county also has a small but growing manufacturing sector which includes companies that produce wood products, seafood processing equipment, cabinetry and furniture as well as building materials like bricks and blocks. There are also several businesses that provide services to the community such as healthcare providers, restaurants and retail stores.

Franklin County’s economy has seen some growth over recent years due to increased tourism and manufacturing activity which has helped to create new jobs in the area. Despite this growth however, unemployment remains higher than both state and national averages at 9% compared to 5% for Florida overall in 2018.

Franklin County’s economy continues to be driven by agriculture with tourism providing additional income for locals while manufacturing provides some job opportunities for those looking for work. With its beautiful beaches and abundant wildlife there are plenty of opportunities here for visitors looking for a relaxing escape or those looking to start their own business or career path.

Libraries in Franklin County, Florida

According to babyinger, Franklin County, Florida is home to a number of public libraries which provide an invaluable resource for its residents. These libraries offer access to a variety of books, magazines, newspapers, and other materials that can be used for research, entertainment, and education. The libraries also provide free internet access and computer labs which allow residents to stay connected and informed about what’s going on in their community.

The Eastpoint Library is the largest library in Franklin County. Located at the corner of Highway 98 and 10th Street in Eastpoint, the library offers a wide range of books, magazines, newspapers, audio-visual materials and other resources. The library also has a large meeting room available for public use as well as several computers with internet access.

The Carrabelle Public Library is located on Highway 98 in downtown Carrabelle. This library offers an extensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers and audio-visual materials as well as internet access. The library also has meeting rooms available for public use and regularly holds educational programs such as book clubs and story times for children.

The Apalachicola Public Library is located on Commerce Street in downtown Apalachicola. This library has an extensive collection of books, magazines, newspapers and audio-visual materials as well as computers with internet access. The library also offers regular programs such as book clubs and children’s story times throughout the year.

The St George Island Library is located at the corner of Highway 98 and 8th Street on St George Island. This small but well stocked library offers books, magazines, newspapers and audio-visual materials to its patrons along with free internet access via computers located inside the library building. The St George Island Library also hosts regular events such as book clubs or movie nights throughout the year which are open to all members of the community regardless of age or background.

Franklin County’s libraries are an important resource for its residents providing them with access to books, magazines, newspapers and other materials needed to stay informed about their community along with free internet access which helps bridge gaps between those who may not otherwise have it available at home or work. With their wide selection of resources, these libraries are more than just places to borrow books rather they serve as hubs that bring people together from all walks of life while providing them with knowledge that may not otherwise be accessible.

Landmarks in Franklin County, Florida

Franklin County, Florida

Franklin County, Florida is home to a wide variety of unique landmarks that are sure to capture the attention of visitors and locals alike. From historic buildings to picturesque beaches, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this vibrant region. See EHOTELAT for hotels in Florida.

One of the most iconic landmarks in Franklin County is the Cape St. George Lighthouse. Located on St. George Island, this historic building was constructed in 1852 and has been guiding ships through the Gulf of Mexico ever since. The lighthouse stands 87 feet tall with a spiral staircase leading up to the observation deck which offers breathtaking views of both the island and the gulf waters below.

Another popular landmark in Franklin County is Wakulla Springs State Park. This beautiful park offers visitors a chance to explore nature while taking part in activities such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming or bird watching. The park also features a boardwalk which takes visitors on a guided tour through some of Florida’s most stunning natural areas including an old-growth cypress swamp and an underwater cave system known as “The Lost River”.

For those looking for a more relaxing experience, Carrabelle Beach is an excellent choice with its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters that are perfect for swimming or sunbathing. Visitors can also take advantage of nearby amenities such as picnic tables or fishing piers located near the beach access points along Highway 98.

For those interested in history, Franklin County offers several sites worth exploring such as Fort Gadsden Historic Site which was constructed by British forces during the War of 1812 or St Vincent National Wildlife Refuge which was established in 1931 as one of America’s first national wildlife refuges. Visitors can take part in educational programs offered by both locations while exploring their grounds or simply take time to appreciate their beauty from afar.

Finally, no visit to Franklin County would be complete without experiencing some of its best seafood restaurants such as Up The Creek Raw Bar & Grill located on St George Island or Apalachicola Oyster Company where visitors can sample some of Florida’s freshest oysters straight from Apalachicola Bay.

There are plenty of landmarks that make Franklin County unique and provide visitors with plenty of opportunities for exploration and discovery no matter what their interests may be.