El Salvador Landmarks

Despite its small size, El Salvador is an interesting country that has many different attractions and sights. The country is best known for its historical ruins, most of which date back to the Mayan times. But not all of them are open to the public. One of the most famous ruins is Joya de Ceren, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The ruins that can be visited usually have interesting museums nearby, in which the important aspects of indigenous culture are shown and explained.

So be sure to visit Casablancawatch. According to a2zdirectory, this is an archaeological excavation site that dates back to 1500 BC. Until the arrival of the colonial rulers, the Spaniards settled. Directly to the park belongs a museum in which one can see four stones one meter high, which were decorated with special carvings.

But a detour to Joya de Ceren is also interesting. The ruins have been classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, as one can particularly well trace the traces of human life up to the eruption of the Caldera volcano in 600. After the outbreak, human life in the area was completely wiped out. Joya de Ceren was covered by more than ten layers of ash and was lost for more than a thousand years. It was only discovered in 1976 by a very stupid accident.

San Andres is also worth a look. It is not far from San Salvador. Between 600 and 900 it was an important rulership, ceremonial and administrative center of the region. San Andres is especially famous for its outstanding finds. This includes a religious scepter made of flint, as well as a skull with dental fillings. The colonial workshop for the production of indigo is something very special, but it was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano in 1658.

A former ceremonial site that attracts many visitors are the Tazumal ruins near the city of Chalchuapa. In the past, the site was inhabited by Maya Pokomam, the Chorti or the Toltec Pipil. The pyramid in the center of the site is said to have been built in the 6th century.

In El Salvador, nature lovers don’t miss out either. It is definitely worth making a detour to Lago Coatepeque. This is a tourist center that has settled around the crater lake at the foot of the Santa Ana volcano. The area is recommended to every visitor to El Salvador.

The Devil’s Door is also interesting for tourists in El Salvador. This is a rock formation over a thousand meters high from which you have a wonderful view of the capital of the country. The locals also call it Puerta del Diablo.

El Salvador also has a large number of different beaches to offer, which are almost ideal for water sports enthusiasts and bathing vacationers.

Anyone interested in sacred buildings should visit the Catedrale Metropolitana de San Salvador. The cathedral is the main church of the Roman Catholic diocese in San Salvador and also the seat of the archbishop. In the church there is also the grave of Archbishop Romero who was murdered in 1980. The grave is the most important pilgrimage site in the country.
You should also see the Palacio National.

Anyone spending their vacation in El Salvador with their children should visit the amusement park on Monte San Jacinto. The wonderful park can be reached via a chairlift from San Salvador. From here you have a particularly good view of the capital of El Salvador.

Panchimalco is an absolute must, especially because of its preserved traditions. The Pancho Indians, direct descendants of the Pipil tribe, used to live here. Many old traditions and costumes have been preserved to this day.

The St. Ignatius Loyola should also be seen. In this church is the shrine of the Virgin of Guadaloupe. But it is not only because of this that a visit is worthwhile. The church alone has an absolutely impressive architecture in which you can easily recognize the Spanish style.

El Salvador – important addresses

Corporacion Salvadorena de Turismo (CORSATUR) : Edificio Carbonel 1,

Colonia Roma Alameda Dr. Manuel Enrique Araujo y Pasaje Carbonel, SV-San Salvador
Telephone: (022) 43 7835, Fax: (022) 23 6120
email: info@corsatur.gob.sv

Instituto Salvadoreño de Turismo (ISTU) : Calle Rubén Dario 619,

San Salvador
Telephone: 222 8000, Fax: 222 8455
email: informacion@istu.gob.sv

Tourist Office for Central America: Severinstrasse 10 – 12,

50678 Cologne
Telephone: (0221) 931 1093, Fax: (0221) 310 1843
email: amik@tkc.de
However, the tourist office will not answer any personal or telephone inquiries.

Embassy of El Salvador in Germany : HE Mr. Edgardo Carlos Suárez Mallagray, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (since October 4th, 2000)
Joachim-Karnatz-Allee 47, corner Paulstrasse, 2nd floor, 10557 Berlin
Telephone: (030) 206 4660, Fax: (030) 22 48 8244
email: embasalvarfa@googlemail.com and congenalemania@googlemail.com
Opening times: Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 4 p.m., consular section: 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

The Embassy of El Salvador in Germany is also responsible for Austria.

El Salvador maintains Honorargeneralkonsulat e in Hanau (tel: (06181) 82091) and Neuss (tel: (02131) 278971) and honorary consulates (without visa) in Hamburg (telephone: (040) 73335119, email: aedarboven@darboven.com) Munich (phone: (089) 54508803/18) and Kiel (phone: (0431) 801000).

Honorary Consulate General of El Salvador in Austria : Deutschstrasse 1,

2331 Vösendorf near Vienna
Telephone: (01) 699 6494, Fax: (01) 699 2970
email: o.deutsch@alvorado.com
Opening times: Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 11.30 a.m.

Consulate General of El Salvador in Switzerland: 65 Rue de Lausanne,

1202 Genève
Telephone: (022) 732 7036, Fax: (022) 738 4744
email: consulate.el-salvador@ties.itu.int
Opening times: Mon – Fri 9 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. and 3 p.m. – 6 p.m.

El Salvador does not have its own embassy in Switzerland; the responsible embassy is in Rome, Italy.

Embassy of Germany in El Salvador : Jürgen Steinkrüger, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary,

77a Av. Norte, esqu. 7a Calle Poniente 3972, Colonia Escalon, San Salvador
Postal address: Embajada de la República Federal de Alemania, Apartado Postal 693, San Salvador, El Salvador.
Telephone: (022) 47 0000, Fax: (022) 47 0099
email: info@san-salvador.diplo.de

Consulate General of Switzerland in El Salvador : Pasteleria Lucerna,

Paseo General Escalón 4363, San Salvador
Telephone: (022) 63 7629/30, Fax: (022) 63 7485
email: lucerna@navegante.com.sv

Austria has no diplomatic missions in El Salvador. The Austrian embassy responsible is located in Mexico City (see Mexico – important addresses).

El Salvador Landmarks