Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of United Arab Emirates

Visa application

There are two ways to obtain a tourist visa to visit the United Arab Emirates: either with the help of a travel agency or tour operator, or at the consular department of the UAE Embassy in the Russian Federation. Check a2zdirectory for history of United Arab Emirates.

The list of documents provided for obtaining a visa with the participation of a travel agency:

  • a copy of a foreign passport valid for at least 90 days from the date of completion of the trip;
  • a questionnaire filled out in English;
  • female persons under the age of 30 who go on a trip without their spouse (as well as bearing different surnames with their spouse) provide a copy of the marriage certificate; in the case of booking a room in a 2 or 3 star hotel by such an applicant, it is necessary to make a security deposit to the travel agency organizing the trip in the amount of 1500 US dollars(in case the tourist from the United Arab Emirates does not return at the end of the tour, this amount will be transferred to the immigration service UAE as a penalty);
  • in case of departure to the United Arab Emirates of the child, you will need to provide a copy of the birth certificate.

The list of documents required for obtaining a visa through the consulate of the United Arab Emirates:

  • international passport, the validity of which exceeds 90 days from the date of the end of the tourist trip;
  • color photographs of a passport sample in the amount of 3 copies sized 3×4 centimeters;
  • in the case of a trip at the invitation of a private person, it is necessary to provide a copy of the passport of the inviting person;
  • a completed application form in English or Arabic in the amount of 3 copies, signed by the applicant;
  • hotel reservation confirmation;
  • a copy of the birth certificate is required for the departure of the child;
  • married women under the age of 30 will need to provide a copy of the marriage certificate (in the case of traveling unaccompanied by a spouse or when wearing different surnames with a spouse);
  • receipt of payment of the consular fee.

The consular fee for issuing a visa for a trip to the United Arab Emirates is 70-75 US dollars, depending on the tour operator.

The usual processing time for a standard tourist visa is 4 business days (weekends in the United Arab Emirates include Fridays, Saturdays, and national religious holidays).

Important: A tourist visa to the UAE is not extended or reissued.

Important: You can enter and leave the country on a tourist visa only through the same airport.

Important: A visa may be denied to unmarried women under the age of 30, as well as married women who have different surnames from their husband (especially those entering the country without a husband).

Important: Visas are not issued to holders of Israeli passports.

Postal address of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the Russian Federation: 101000, Russia, Moscow, st. Olof Palme, 4.

Phone: (+7 495) 147-6286; 147-0066; 234-4060.

Customs regulations

In the state of the United Arab Emirates, there are certain customs restrictions on the import and export of various items. See United Arab Emirates import restrictions.

Allowed to import into the country:

  • for each non-Islamic adult, it is allowed to carry no more than 2 liters of low-alcohol products, including wine; no more than 2 liters of alcoholic beverages with a strength of 40 degrees (when visiting the emirate of Sharjah – no more than 1 bottle of one or another type of alcoholic beverage);
  • no more than 2,000 cigarettes (either 400 cigars or 2 kilograms of tobacco);
  • no more than 150 milliliters of perfume or toilet water, or cologne.

It is forbidden to import and export from the country:

  • products that are erotic, pornographic, insulting Islam and the country in nature;
  • weapon;
  • drugs
  • narcotic medicines (if they are really needed, they need a special permit);
  • psychotropic substances;
  • ivory, rhinoceros tusks, as well as products made from these materials;
  • hunting birds.

The export of any currency, as well as souvenirs, carpets and products made of precious metals to the United Arab Emirates is not limited. Currency in excess of 40 thousand dirhams (or equivalent) must be declared. For especially valuable goods, it is advisable to have checks.

It is forbidden to export from the UAE objects of cultural and historical heritage of the country, as well as wild animals.

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