Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Tanzania

Visa application

Citizens of Russia do not need to apply for a visa to visit Tanzania. A visa is issued upon arrival in the country at the border, at the office of the Department of Immigration. Check a2zdirectory for history of Tanzania.

When applying for a visa, you must provide the Department of Immigration with the following set of documents:

  • a passport valid for at least six months from the start of the trip;
  • an immigration card, which must be completed in English. Cards are issued upon arrival at border crossing points;
  • a health questionnaire, which is also completed in English. The questionnaire can be obtained at border crossing points;
  • round-trip tickets, or to a third country in case of transit;
  • any documents confirming the sufficient availability of funds for the entire stay in Tanzania, at the rate of 5,000 TZS per day per person.

Border services, in practice, are rarely interested in return tickets and sufficient financial resources. The presentation of tickets to the third country is mandatory when requesting a transit visa.

Visa fees

Payment of the fee must be made in cash in US dollars. The fee for a tourist visa is 50 USD, for a transit visa – 30 USD.

Validity and categories of visas

In the case of tourism, upon arrival in the country, a single entry visa is issued, the validity period of a tourist visa is up to 90 days, a single transit visa is valid for two weeks.

Customs regulations

The country does not restrict the export and import of any foreign currency. Large sums of money and valuables must be subject to mandatory declaration. The export and import of national currency into the country is prohibited. See Tanzania import restrictions.

Duty-free import into the country is allowed:

  • up to 50 cigars or up to 250 grams of tobacco, or up to 200 cigarettes;
  • up to 1 liter of fortified alcoholic beverages;
  • up to 250 grams of toilet water or perfume.

Household items, food and other personal items are allowed to be imported only in a reasonable amount. Photo, video and audio equipment must be declared and subsequently, according to the record, taken out of the country.

It is possible to import small arms into Tanzania only with the permission (issued in advance) of the local Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The import of animals and plants is allowed only with a pet health certificate (vaccination against rabies is required) or a phytosanitary certificate. Upon arrival, the animals are examined and sent to quarantine.

The country is prohibited from exporting and importing:

  • explosives;
  • drugs;
  • pornographic products;

Export from the country is prohibited:

  • skins of wild animals;
  • diamonds;
  • ivory products;
  • gold;
  • rhinoceros horns.

The following items are allowed to be exported from the country:

  • products made of silver and gold;
  • coins;
  • brands;
  • food in reasonable quantities.

Jewelry must be accompanied by checks and certificates from stores.

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