Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Seychelles

Visa application

To visit the Seychelles, for a period not exceeding 30 days, citizens of Russia do not need a visa. Check a2zdirectory for history of Seychelles.

When crossing the border, you must provide the following series of documents:

  • a valid passport, the validity of which must be at least 6 months from the end of the trip;
  • round trip open tickets;
  • voucher or other documents confirming the hotel or hotel reservation;
  • documents confirming the sufficient availability of financial resources for the entire stay in the country.

You also need to fill out an entry form, which can be obtained on the plane or at the border crossing point itself.

Customs regulations

The Seychelles do not restrict the export and import of foreign currency. There is a limit on the export and import of up to 2,000 SCR of local currency. See Seychelles import restrictions.

Persons over the age of 19 are allowed to import duty-free into the country:

  • up to 500 grams of tobacco or 400 cigarettes;
  • up to two liters of alcoholic beverages;
  • up to 200 milliliters of perfume;
  • sports equipment, in the amount of not more than 500 SCR;
  • precious items, in the amount of not more than 500 SCR;
  • things and goods for personal use, in the amount of up to 3,000 SCR.

Also, the country is allowed duty-free import of the following things that require the mandatory payment of a deposit for subsequent export:

  • electronic portable devices;
  • video camera and camera;
  • sports equipment;
  • musical instruments.

The deposit is returned upon departure from the country. If the goods were not exported from the territory of the country within six months, the entire amount of customs fees and the deposit itself are withheld.

Import into the country is prohibited:

  • explosives, fireworks are also no exception;
  • weapons, including for spearfishing and pneumatic weapons;
  • tea, fruits, vegetables;
  • seedlings, seeds, plants, soil;
  • meat and products based on it;
  • drugs and medicines;

Export from the country is prohibited:

  • shells;
  • coconut “coco de mer”;
  • corals;
  • products from turtle shells;
  • live fish and fish products.

Traveling with pets obliges to have an international veterinary certificate, the processing time of which should not exceed 30 days before departure. It is also necessary to obtain permission to import the animal from the General Manager of the Veterinary Office of the Seychelles. The import of birds into the country is prohibited, with the exception of the gray African parrot.

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