Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Philippines

Visa application

Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to visit the Republic of the Philippines for up to 21 days. To enter the territory of the state of the Philippines, you must have tickets for a return flight or tickets to visit any other country within 21 days from the date of entry into the republic. Check a2zdirectory for history of Philippines.

Customs regulations

Foreign currency can be imported into the Philippines in an unlimited amount, the export of foreign currency from the country is also not regulated. However, there is a limit of 10,000 Philippine pesos for the import and export of local currency. See Philippines import restrictions.

Allowed to import duty-free

  • no more than 2 liters of alcoholic beverages;
  • no more than 400 cigarettes;
  • no more than 250 grams of tobacco;
  • no more than 50 cigars;
  • personal jewelry made of precious metals.

Allowed to export duty-free

  • foreign currency.

It is allowed to import and export with special permission

  • plant seedlings;
  • fruits, vegetables, fruits;
  • animals and birds living in the wild;
  • wood and ivory products;
  • antiques;
  • jewelry products.

It is forbidden to import and export

  • narcotic drugs;
  • pornographic materials;
  • firearms, as well as products imitating the type of firearms;
  • materials that are anti-state or inhumane.

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