Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Morocco

Visa application

Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to visit Morocco. The only requirement for Russians is the validity of the passport, which must be at least 6 months old at the time of returning from the trip. Check a2zdirectory for history of Morocco.

In Moscow, you can apply for a visa for citizens of Belarus and Kazakhstan. To obtain a visa, citizens of Ukraine should contact the consular service of the embassy of Kiev or Morocco.

For a child under the age of 18 traveling to Morocco with one parent or other accompanying persons, relatives, it is necessary to have a travel permit from the remaining parent (in Russian and certified by a notary).

When crossing the border, the following documents must be presented:

  • a passport with a validity period exceeding the period of stay in the country;
  • availability of return tickets or tickets to a third country;
  • confirmation of the availability of sufficient funds for the trip.
  • persons arriving from Schengen countries by ferry must have a double or multiple Schengen visa (the absence of this document is the reason for refusal to board the ferry).

There is no consular fee for tourists. The passport is stamped with the name of the border train and the date of entry.
The presence of entry stamps or visas of the state of Israel in the passport cannot serve as an obstacle to staying in Morocco.

Customs regulations

During the passage of customs and passport control in Morocco, you should be patient – the formalities here are not always completed quickly, and besides, customs officers are very sociable.

For violation of any customs rules, immediate deportation from the country follows, often with a complete ban on visiting the country in the future. See Morocco import restrictions.

Allowed to import duty-free:

  • Spirits, no more than one bottle per adult.
  • Wine, no more than one bottle per adult.
  • Cigarettes, not more than 200 pieces or 250 grams of tobacco or 50 cigars.

It is forbidden to export:

  • Things and objects of artistic or historical value (special permission is required).
  • National currency from Morocco

The import and export of foreign currency from the country is unlimited, but its circulation is prohibited on the territory of Morocco. An amount equivalent to 15,000 Moroccan dirhams or more must be declared.

When exporting unspent foreign currency, you must have a bank receipt for the exchange with you.
Mandatory declaration is subject to:

Professional photographic equipment and hunting equipment, also in some cases an official permit is required for import.

It is forbidden to import and export from Morocco:

  • Photo, video and printed products containing elements of pornography.
  • Materials that are contrary to the norms of Islam.

Amounts equal to 15 thousand MHD and above must be declared on the entry declaration.

Embassy of Morocco in Russia

Address: Moscow, Prechistensky lane, 8
Consular department: 201-73-51
Office: 201-72-84
Fax: 230-20-67

Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Morocco