Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Jordan

Visa application

To visit Jordan, citizens of the CIS and Russia must have a visa. You can apply for a visa in Moscow at the consular department of Jordan or at the border upon arrival in the country. Check a2zdirectory for history of Jordan.

Registration at the border

A visa is issued at land border crossings or at Amman airport, you must have a passport with you, valid for six months after the end of the trip. The Immigration Service has the right to require confirmation of the hotel reservation, as well as an invitation.

Visa processing requires payment of a fee of 20 JD.

Visa processing is not possible:

  • Allenby / King Hussein – border crossing between Israeland Jordan ;
  • the main highway to Amman from Jerusalem.

Entry through the economic free zone of Aqaba into the country, for a period of stay of not more than 30 days, provides free visa processing. At the same time, it is also customary to leave the country through any checkpoint that is a free zone: the Arava checkpoint, the seaport and airport of Aqaba, the Hakl checkpoint.

Entry through the border crossing into a country that is not an economic free zone of Aqaba, for a period of 48 hours, with the aim of further visiting Aqaba, visa processing in this case at the border is free of charge. It is also worth remembering that the border guard may refuse to provide a tourist with a free visa, in which case a regular visa is issued for 20 JD.

Registration at the consulate

When applying for a visa in Moscow at the consular department, you must submit the following series of documents:

  • international passport valid for six months at the time of the intended visit to Jordan;
  • photo (passport format);
  • a visa application form filled in English or Arabic, with the personal signature of the applicant.

The consular fee is paid upon submission of documents and amounts to:

  • for a single entry visa – 31.50 USD,
  • for double entry – 46.50 USD,
  • for multiple entries – 91.50 USD.

The payment of the fee does not apply to children included in the parent’s passport. The presence of their own passport for children does not exempt them from paying the fee.

As a rule, visa processing takes up to three working days.

Entry restrictions

As such, there are no restrictions on entry into Jordan. Even the presence of any marks in the passport from the state of Israel does not interfere with entering the country and obtaining a visa.

Valid term of a visa

The presence of a single and double entry visa gives the right to visit the country for 1 month, the validity of the visa is up to three months. The multiple entry visa is valid for six months.

Traveling with children

When traveling with children inscribed in the parent’s passport, a special note must be made on the visa by a consular officer or immigration service.

Customs regulations

Jordan does not restrict the import of national and foreign currency into the country, while the declaration is required. The export of national currency is allowed up to 300 JD. See Jordan import restrictions.

Persons over the age of 18 are allowed to import duty-free into the country:

  • up to 200 grams of tobacco, or 25 cigars, or 200 cigarettes (additional transportation of another 200 cigarettes requires you to pay a fee, in the amount of 3.75 JD, limited to 2,000 cigarettes);
  • up to 1 bottle of hard alcoholic beverages (extra baggage fee is 2.91 JD, limited to 4 liters);
  • perfumes, in reasonable quantities for personal use (up to two open bottles);
  • gifts and souvenirs, totaling up to 150 USD.

Import into the country is prohibited:

  • weapons (sporting weapons are no exception), only with the appropriate permit;

Import and export of antiques requires a special receipt, which can be obtained from the seller. The importation of luxury goods obliges the tourist to fill out a declaration and pay the import duty.

When traveling with pets, you must have an international veterinary certificate, as well as a certificate of vaccination against rabies.

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