Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Georgia

Obtaining a visa

Since May 2015, despite pressure from some political forces, the Georgian authorities have completely abolished the visa regime for Russian citizens, while maintaining some restrictions on staying in the country. Check a2zdirectory for history of Georgia.

Thus, to enter Georgia for a period not exceeding 90 days, Russians do not need a visa.

To pass the Georgian border, it will be enough to have a Russian passport, and a foreign passport valid for the entire period of the trip, including the day of return back to Russia.

IMPORTANT: if you have marks in your passport about your stay in the republics of Abkhazia or South Ossetia, which are not recognized by Tbilisi, you will not be allowed into Georgia. The result will be immediate deportation followed by a ban on entry.

If you want to extend your stay in Georgia, then after 90 days, you need to go to the department of the Civil Registry Agency, which is in any Georgian city, and provide the following documents:

Two color photos 3×4 cm. You can take a picture right in the department, so as not to bring pictures from your homeland;

Application form filled in Russian. The application form is issued immediately;

Receipt of paid registration fee. The fee for 2015 is 10 GEL.

This list of documents will allow you to extend your legal stay in Georgia for another 90 days. In total, citizens of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine can stay in Georgia for no more than 360 days during one calendar year.

Customs regulations

Despite the active attempts of the Georgian authorities to integrate the country into the European economic field, Georgia still dictates its own customs rules for entering the country. Partly they meet world standards, and partly they have a number of indulgences for guests from neighboring countries. See Georgia import restrictions.

Allowed duty-free import to Georgia

Any foreign currency – in unlimited quantities. Lari – no more than 25,000 cash banknotes of different denominations. A large amount will cause a request to the source of receipt;

No more than 200 cigarettes ;

No more than 3 liters of red or white wine;

No more than 10 liters of beer;

Jewelry not for sale – in any quantity, but with a mandatory entry into the declaration;

Items for personal use, including electronics, household chemicals, etc. – with a total weight of up to 100 kg.

Prohibited import to Georgia

Any type of weapon and ammunition for it;

Narcotic drugs of plant or synthetic origin, including narrow-purpose medicines;

Extremist materials – books, brochures, magazines, copies of video films. They also include any media products that are prohibited on the territory of the country, insulting the state system of Georgia;

Pornographic products of any kind.

Export from Georgia is prohibited

National currency equivalent – 4 or more banknotes of the same denomination – without special permission from the National Bank of Georgia;

Items of cultural and/or historical value.

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