Customs Regulations and Visa Requirements of Cyprus

Visa application

For a long time, Russian tourists enjoyed favorable conditions for obtaining a Cypriot visa. However, since 2013, in connection with the attempts of the island state to join the economic zone of the European Union, the entry rules for foreign tourists have been tightened. This also affected Russian guests, who are now forced to obtain a visa to Cyprus on a par with other countries. Check a2zdirectory for history of Cyprus.

For 2015, in order to obtain a standard tourist visa to Cyprus, you must prepare the following:

Passport, which expires no earlier than 6 months from the end of the trip. A copy of its title page, as well as all pages with notes about previous visas.

Copies of all completed pages of the Russian passport.

One color photo 3.5×4.5 cm, designed according to the following standards:

The face should occupy strictly 70% of the image area;

The photo must be taken against a light background (beige, grey, cream or white);

There should be no retouching and color correction;

There should be no “red eyes”;

You can not be photographed in hats, dark glasses, “chameleons” or glasses with too massive frames;

You can not be photographed in national costumes and work clothes;

The photo must be taken no earlier than 6 months at the time of submission of documents.

Questionnaire completed by hand in English. It should be filled in with a black ballpoint pen, avoid blots and corrections. The signature at the end of the application must match the signature on the official document.

Certificate from the place of work indicating the position and average monthly earnings, or:

Bank account statement. The amount on the account must be sufficient for the entire duration of the tourist’s stay in Cyprus. Calculation of the amount: 45 euros per person per day. This amount does not include flights and hotel fees.

A document confirming the reservation of a hotel room and full prepayment.

Copies of round-trip air tickets with fixed dates. If the tickets have not yet been redeemed, then a document confirming the reservation.

Insurance policy with a coverage amount of 30,000 euros. Policies can now be issued at the office of the Cyprus visa centers or at the consulate itself.

For minors, you must:

Birth certificate or its copy;

A copy of all completed pages of the passport (from 14 years old);

Certificate from the school with the seal and signature of the director;

Permission to leave from one or both parents, certified by a notary and translated into English;

Sponsorship letter from one of the parents with a certificate of employment and a bank statement.

To obtain a visitor visa to Cyprus, the following must be attached to the above documents:

An invitation handwritten or printed on a printer.

An application of a special form, in which the inviting person assumes administrative and financial responsibility for the entire duration of the guest’s stay. The application must be certified by the authorities at the place of residence of the inviting party. Sent by fax or registered mail.

Employment certificate or tax return on profits and other income for the last six months. Earned funds should be enough to provide the guest for the entire period of his stay in the country.

Confirmation of kinship, if the inviting person is a relative for the tourist.

Document confirming Cypriot citizenship – passport, driver’s license. Or a residence permit.

Since 2013, it is mandatory for the inviting person to have a valid passport. It will be enough to provide a copy of it.

All documents must be brought to the nearest visa center and submitted for consideration. Key extracts and notarized documents must have a mandatory translation into English. Translation must be performed by a qualified linguist, indicating their contact details.

Visa processing time

Since 2015, the official deadlines for issuing a Cypriot visa in Russia have been canceled. In any visa center or consulate they will say that the period for considering an application can take from a day to a week. On average, the processing of a tourist visa takes 5-8 days.

You may be denied a visa to Cyprus for the following reasons:

Debt on a loan / utility bills / alimony;

An outstanding conviction or a valid undertaking not to leave;

False information provided in any of the documents;

Mistakes made in the questionnaire;

Incorrect translation of key documents into English.

Consular fee

The amount of the consular fee for tourists to obtain a visa to Cyprus will depend on the type of document. For 2015, the prices of Russian visa centers are as follows:

A short-term visa to Cyprus with the right to stay in the country for no more than 90 days costs 1260 rubles ;

A long-term visa that allows you to stay in the country for up to 360 days costs 2940 rubles.

The listed prices already include the standard service charge. You will need to find out about additional services provided to applicants already at a specific visa center.

In case of refusal to obtain a visa, consular fees are not refundable.

Customs regulations

While Cyprus has not entered the association phase with Europe, the island state has its own customs control rules that are independent of the Schengen area. Partially, customs privileges for Russian tourists were retained. See Cyprus import restrictions.

Allowed duty-free import to Cyprus

Tobacco products – 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos, or 50 cigars ;

Tobacco in its pure form – no more than 200 grams ;

Alcohol with a strength of over 22% (vodka, cognac, whiskey, brandy, absinthe) – no more than 1 liter ;

Alcohol with a strength of less than 22% (champagne, liqueurs, port wine) – no more than 2 liters ;

Alcohol with a strength of less than 22% (red, white and table wine) – no more than 4 liters ;

Beer – no more than 16 liters ;

Jewelry – for a total amount not exceeding 10,000 euros ;

Household appliances and electronics for personal purposes – with mandatory inclusion in the declaration;

Gifts and souvenirs in their original packaging and with trademarks – for an amount not exceeding 430 euros.

Allowed to import with special documentation

Hunting and sporting pneumatic guns with a caliber not exceeding 4.5 mm – with the permission of the Police Department of Cyprus ;

Collectible silver and gold coins – with an official license from the Central Bank of Cyprus ;

Licensed copies of films and music discs – with any document confirming copyright or the right to sell products;

Jewelry for the purpose of sale – only with the written permission of the Cypriot Metal Sampling Service ;

Meat, fish, dairy products, as well as honey – only with quality certificates, veterinary supervision services, as well as health authorities;

Telecommunication equipment, except for cell phones (walkie-talkies, Wi – Fi transmitters, etc.) – only with the permission of the Ministry of Communications of Cyprus ;

Seedlings and seeds of any plants – with the permission of the Cyprus Environment Service.

Prohibited from importing into Cyprus

Narcotics, psychotropic drugs, as well as medicines prohibited in the territory of Cyprus;

Pornographic products of any kind – films, magazines and other things;

Counterfeit products – including pirated copies of music albums, films, video games;

Toxic, offensive or explosive substances;

Firearms of any kind, gas pistols, flare guns, water cannons;

Any items produced in countries that at the time of travel fall under the official trade embargo of the UN Security Council.

Prohibited export from Cyprus

Diamonds, diamonds and any jewelry with these precious stones purchased in the country;

Any jewelry purchased in Cyprus, with a mass fraction of gold or platinum above 25% ;

Antiques, without the appropriate permission of the customs service;

Items from archaeological excavations, as well as any finds that may have historical or artistic value. Violation of this paragraph is a criminal offense and grounds for immediate arrest.

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