City Trip to San Francisco

“If you’re going to San Francisco. Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. If you are going to San Francisco. You’re gonna meet some gentle people there.” , Scott McKenzie sang in 1967 on “The Paris of the West.” After all these years, this world-famous California city has not lost its flair. Right in the beating heart of the San Francisco Bay Area is the city known for its colorful and diverse character. Read here why you should definitely make a city trip to San Francisco!

City trip San Francisco – Atmosphere

When you take a city trip to San Francisco, you are guaranteed to fall in love with the iconic streetscape and the energetic atmosphere that characterizes this city. Wide streets filled with traditional funiculars, imposing squares and breathtaking structures such as the Golden Gate Bridge surround you during your visit. Every street corner is an attraction in this vibrant city! A few miles outside the center is the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. In this old seamen’s neighborhood you can fully enjoy cozy markets, atmospheric cafes and a real sea lion colony.

A diverse cityscape comes with a diverse population; The laid-back hippie neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury, the mystical Chinatown and the large gay community of the Castro District are living proof of this. There are also the always cheerful street musicians, who can be found almost on every corner of the road. In short, you will not find a more atmospheric city during your tour of West America! Have you had enough of all the friendly faces? There are beautiful parks throughout the city where you can relax.


According to FINDJOBDESCRIPTIONS, San Francisco is an attraction in itself, but there are a few sights that deserve extra attention. From the historic Fort Alcatraz to the many interesting museums, you will encounter it all during your city trip through San Francisco.

  • Fort Alcatraz. First a military fort, then a maximum security prison and now a protected area steeped in history. Fort Alcatraz is a must see.
  • Golden GatePerhaps the most iconic image in the entire city. This imposing bridge connects San Francisco to Marin County. With a length of 2.7 kilometers, it is an ideal cycling route with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and the city itself.
  • City hall. If you like a beautiful piece of architecture, you don’t have to stop at the Golden Gate Bridge. The City Hall is also a beautiful building with a rich history. The building is easy to reach and can be admired both inside and out. Definitely recommended to take a look here during your city trip to San Francisco.
  • Botanic Garden. Nature lovers can also indulge themselves here. This living museum contains more than 7500 different species of plants and flowers, spread over a spacious 22 hectares!
  • Fine Arts Museums. You can also visit this city for art and culture. The Fine Arts organization covers two different museums; MH de Young Memorial Museum in Golden Gate Park and Legion of Honor in Lincoln Park. These two museums offer a large amount of different types of art.


There are several roads you can take to get into San Francisco. However, it is not recommended to make a city trip to San Francisco by car. In this city it is easier and faster to travel by public transport. Parking is very expensive but above all quite a challenge in such a full and bustling city. You can take the taxi, but they are generally quite pricey. A creative solution to this is carpooling, riding with other people. There are several mobile apps for carpooling, which make it possible to place calls and ride together.

If you want to travel in a more traditional way, use the MUNI network. These are various buses, metros, trains and funiculars that run throughout the city. There is also the BART, which are express trains that run from Oakland and San Francisco International airports to downtown. If you prefer to go by car, below are the roads that lead you to and through San Francisco.

  • Interstate 80, Nevada–San Francisco
  • Interstate 280, San Jose–San Francisco
  • S. Route 101, Olympia– Los Angeles

City Trip to San Francisco