Caraway, Arkansas Population, Schools and Places of Interest

According to, Caraway, Arkansas is a small city located in the northeast corner of the state. It is bordered by several cities and towns, each offering their own unique attractions and activities. To the north of Caraway lies Monette, Arkansas, a small town with a population of around 1,200 people. Monette is home to several historic sites including the Ben E. Keith House and the Monette Depot which were both built in the early 1900s. Additionally, visitors to Monette can take part in activities such as fishing at Lake Frierson or touring the nearby Crowley’s Ridge State Park.

To the east of Caraway lies Leachville, Arkansas which is home to around 1,500 people. This city offers plenty for visitors to explore including several historic buildings like the Leachville Methodist Church which was built in 1891 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

in activities such as fishing, boating, or camping at nearby Buffalo National River which is just a short drive away.

To the south of Caraway lies Black Oak, Arkansas which is home to around 600 people. This small town offers plenty of interesting sites to explore including the Black Oak Depot which was built in 1882 and was an important stop on the St. Louis – San Francisco Railway line. Additionally, visitors can take part in activities such as fishing or hunting in nearby Big Creek Wildlife Management Area.

Finally, to the west of Caraway lies Manila, Arkansas which is home to around 2,000 people. This city features several historic sites such as the Manila Schoolhouse Museum and the Manila Church of Christ which were both built in 1893 and are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Additionally, visitors can take part in activities such as boating or fishing at nearby Manila Lake or exploring scenic trails at Big Lake Wilderness Area.

Overall, Caraway is surrounded by several cities and towns each offering their own unique attractions and activities for visitors to enjoy. Whether you’re interested in exploring historical sites or taking part in outdoor activities like camping or fishing there’s something for everyone near Caraway.

Caraway, Arkansas

Population of Caraway, Arkansas

Caraway, Arkansas is a small town located in the northeast corner of the state. It has a population of around 1,600 people and is the county seat of Craighead County. Caraway is known for its rural atmosphere and small-town charm which makes it an attractive place to live for those looking for a peaceful and laid-back lifestyle.

The majority of Caraway’s population is made up of white Americans, with around 78% identifying as such according to the most recent census data. African Americans make up around 13% of the population, while Hispanics account for 4%. Other racial groups make up the remaining 5%.

Caraway’s median age is 42 years old, with around 56% of residents falling between the ages of 25 and 44. The unemployment rate in Caraway is slightly higher than the national average at 8%, however this rate has been steadily declining since 2014.

The median household income in Caraway is slightly lower than the national average at $39,000 per year; however, this figure has been gradually increasing over time. Additionally, approximately 18% of residents live below poverty level which is just slightly higher than the national average.

Overall, Caraway is a small town full of friendly people and charming rural scenery that makes it an attractive place to live. Despite its lower than average median household income and higher unemployment rate compared to other parts of Arkansas, Caraway remains a desirable place to call home due to its low cost of living and peaceful atmosphere.

Schools and Education of Caraway, Arkansas

Caraway, Arkansas is served by the Riverside School District. There are three public schools in the district: Caraway Elementary School, Caraway Middle School, and Riverside High School. The district also offers a variety of educational programs and services to meet the individual needs of its students. Check for libraries in the state of Arkansas.

Caraway Elementary is a K-4 school that provides an engaging learning environment for its students. It offers a variety of enrichment activities such as art, music, physical education, and technology classes. The school also has an after-school program for students who need extra help or want to participate in clubs and activities.

Caraway Middle School is a 5-8 grade school that strives to create an atmosphere where all students can reach their full potential. It offers many academic courses such as math, science, English, social studies, health/fitness and foreign language classes. Additionally, it has a variety of extracurricular activities including sports teams (football, basketball, track & field), band and chorus groups as well as other clubs like student council and robotics teams.

Riverside High School is the district’s 9-12 grade school that focuses on helping students build strong academic foundations while preparing them for college or career paths upon graduation. Courses offered at Riverside include advanced placement classes in math and science as well as several electives such as art history and photography. The school also offers numerous extracurricular activities including sports teams (baseball, softball, volleyball) and other organizations like drama club or student government.

Overall, the schools in Caraway provide quality education for its residents with numerous opportunities for students to learn both inside and outside the classroom setting. With dedicated teachers who strive to ensure all their students have access to quality education regardless of their background or economic status, Caraway remains committed to providing excellent educational opportunities for its children.

Landmarks in Caraway, Arkansas

Caraway, Arkansas is home to a number of unique and beautiful landmarks. Perhaps the most recognizable landmark in the area is the Caraway Memorial Park. This park features a memorial to soldiers and veterans of all branches of the United States Armed Forces, as well as a large statue of an eagle with its wings spread wide and its head held high. This park also contains an amphitheater, picnic areas, and playgrounds for children. The Caraway Town Square is another notable landmark in Caraway. This square is filled with shops, restaurants, and other businesses that make up the local economy. It also serves as a gathering place for locals to come together for special events such as festivals or concerts. The historic Caraway Opera House is located just off the Town Square. This opera house has been in operation since 1907 and still hosts performances today. Visitors can enjoy classic performances from some of the area’s best actors and musicians while admiring this beautiful building’s architecture which dates back to the late 1800s. Finally, there is Big Creek Lake which lies just outside of town limits. This lake provides many recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, boating, camping, and more for locals and visitors alike to enjoy while taking in some breathtaking views of Caraway’s natural beauty.