Canada’s Top 4 Communication Courses

Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Public Relations … Communication is a very large field of study. If you are interested in this field and want to do an exchange in Canada, you will be happy to know that the colleges there are among the most prestigious in the world according to QS World University Rankings. To help you choose which one to study, we have listed here the 4 best Communication courses in Canada. Check out!

Canada’s best Communication courses

1. McGill University

The McGill University is the best when it comes to communication courses in Canada. In it, studies in the area are part of the Department of Art History and Communication Studies. The main concern of the course, which offers master’s and doctoral programs, is to study the history of the media, more specifically the social and cultural dimensions of communication processes and technologies.

To study these phenomena, the course relies on an interdisciplinary perspective, which is based on a variety of fields, including cultural studies, critical studies of media and technology, public policy and government, cinema and sound studies. It is important to note that only graduate degrees are offered there . That is, there is no professional training in areas such as Journalism or Advertising and Propaganda.

McCall MacBain Arts Building

2. Université de Montréal

The Communication Department at the University of Montreal, in turn, offers both undergraduate and graduate courses. He is part of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which was recently founded (compared to others around the world) in 1972.

In college, the faculty seeks to take the discussion of Communication beyond the traditional media such as radio, TV, internet and printed materials, taking a critical look at public relations, broadcasting policies, new technologies and corporate communications.

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

3. Simon Fraser University

Simon Fraser University (SFU), a Canadian public university located in the province of British Columbia, with campuses in the cities of Burnaby, Vancouver and Surrey, has one of the best Communication courses in Canada. She admits male and female students at the School of Communication for undergraduate, master’s and doctoral courses.

The course is highly valued for studying the technological advances provided by Communication and focused on it. Proof of this are the faculty laboratories that research technology in the context of design , blockchain , big data and the intersection between communication technology and cultural creation.

SFU campus in Burnaby

4. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta course, in addition to being one of the best Communication courses in Canada, is another that also values ​​the intersection between Communication and Technology. There, only master’s degrees are offered . That is, there is no professional (undergraduate) training for students.

This postgraduate course was developed for professionals who work with the management of Communication in companies focused on the field of technology. In this way, the studies offer theoretical, historical and practical research on communications in the age of the Internet, social networks and mobile devices.

Main campus of the University of Alberta