Best Accounting Courses in the USA

Accounting is one of the main drivers for the growth and development of the economy. It allows for the good financial performance and health of an organization based on balance sheets and the income statement. If you are interested in this area and also want to do an exchange, we have specially brought you the list of the best Accounting courses in the USA, according to QS World University Rankings. Check out!

Harvard: the best Accounting course in the USA

The best Accounting course in the USA is from Harvard. There, he is, along with the Administration course, a unit of Harvard Business School. There, research, course development and teaching are based on two main areas: Financial Analytical Reports and Management Accounting. Therefore, the institution’s studies assist in the use of performance measurement systems, which help managers to create more effective organizations for companies. Teaching there also focuses on always applying the practical aspect of what is learned in the classroom.

Harvard - the best Accounting course in the USA

MIT: wide range of approaches

At MIT, the Accounting course is part of the MIT Sloan School of Management . The courses there cover many areas of accounting, including the impact of accounting information on the capital market, the use of accounting information for hiring purposes, corporate disclosure practices, executive compensation and taxation. In addition, more recently, MIT Sloan has also begun to research government accounting issues.

MIT - wide range of approaches

Stanford: Accounting in the USA focused on teaching and application

At Stanford, the Accounting course is part of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has an emphasis on developing a conceptual framework and skill set to address issues related to accounting information. Although financial reporting, management accounting, corporate administration and taxation are the main concerns, there is a special focus on the application of basic knowledge of economics, decision theory and statistical inference to accounting issues.

Stanford - Accounting in the USA focused on teaching and application

University of Chicago: learning outside the classroom

At the University of Chicago, the Accounting course is part of the Booth School of Business. There, you will have a chance to explore activities outside the classroom in a variety of ways. That way, you can build new skills, relationships and develop your network. These extra-class activities are carried out through study groups, focused, for example, on corporate finance, investment and company restructuring.

University of Chicago - learning outside the classroom

University of Pennsylvania: Accounting in the USA with a multidisciplinary approach

The Accounting course at the University of Pennsylvania is part of the Wharton School, the oldest and most rigorous business school in the United States. There, through teaching, research and practice, faculty members of the Accounting Department strive to develop the best ways to measure and communicate an organization’s economic activities. To do this, the faculty takes a multidisciplinary approach, integrating Finance and Economics with broader perspectives on organizational issues and the business environment.

University of Pennsylvania

University of California (Berkeley): Linking to the real world

At UC Berkeley, the Accounting course is part of the Haas School of Business. To teach the concepts of the area, the course builds a whole theoretical basis focused on Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Economics and Finance. This theoretical part is taught through courses during the first and second years. There, students also attend workshops and joint research projects with teachers. In addition, the course links students to the real world through the Center for Financial Reporting and Management.

University of California (Berkeley)