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Pregnancy Guide
Pregnancy By Week
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Follow your pregnancy week by week

From the cell stage to a finished baby - follow the pregnancy through 40 eventful weeks - week by week.

Finally you are pregnant! The first trimester, which marks the first three months of pregnancy, is a time full of expectations and excitement. Read about what happens to your body and the little seed inside you. Visit Bestaah for quality and affordable plus size maternity clothes.

Follow your pregnancy week by week

Pregnant weeks 1 and 2: There is a lot going on in the body that you do not notice.

Pregnant Week 3: Hormone production in the body changes to prepare it for carrying a baby.

Pregnant Week 4: A pregnancy test can show that you are pregnant.

From week 5 to week 8 you will be able to feel many of the typical pregnancy 's ailments such as nausea and fatigue. At the same time, you will notice that the pants are a little tense and that the stomach is growing so small.

Pregnant Week 5: The heart, brain and spine begin to develop.

Pregnant Week 6: You may feel tired and nauseous.

Pregnant Week 7: The fetus is constantly growing and can already respond to touch!

Pregnant Week 8: The little fetus starts to move the arms and legs around this time.

In the following weeks, the fetus will receive both eyes, mouth and ears at the same time as the hearing system develops. Biscuits can help with nausea.

Pregnant Week 9: The hormones run amok and the fetus is as big as a strawberry.

Pregnant Week 10: The fetus has taken its final shape.

Pregnant Week 11: The fetus measures about 4-5 inches from head to seat.

Pregnant in the second trimester

You are now entering your second trimester. For many pregnant women, this is the best time of pregnancy. The worst nausea is over and the stomach is growing.

Pregnant Week 12: The fetus can shake hands and suck on the thumb.

Pregnant Week 13: As a rule, the worst nausea is now over. The risk of miscarriage and deformity decreases.

Pregnant week 14: The fetus develops taste intestine.

Pregnant week 15: It is now decided what hair color the baby gets.

Pregnant week 16: It's time to start looking at maternity clothes.

For the next few weeks, you should be on ultrasound examination. Maybe you will also start to feel the kicks of the little one.

Pregnant week 17: Are you stuffy in the nose? This is perfectly normal and is due to hormonal changes.

Pregnant week 18: Ultrasound examinations n take place during this or the next two weeks.

Pregnant Week 19: Your stomach is growing a lot and your skin is stretching.

Pregnant week 20 0: Now many pregnant women can feel the movements of the fetus inside the stomach.

Now your partner or others can also feel the little one's arm or foot as they put their hand on your stomach.

Pregnant week 21: Pregnancy makes it easier for you to get gum inflammation and you eat more sugar more often. Remember to take care of your teeth well.

Pregnant week 22: Heartburn, pelvic pain and sluggish stomach are common.

Pregnant week 23: The fetus is soon 30 cm and weighs over half a kilo.

Pregnant week 24: Children born at this time have survived.

You will notice that you are getting bigger. The baby also gets less space to noise around, so the activity decreases. Remember to exercise your pelvic floor muscles regularly.

Pregnant Week 25: The fetus is in a very active period.

Pregnant Week 26: The fetus responds to touch, light and sound.

Pregnant week 27: The fetus now weighs around 1 kg.

Pregnant week 28: The fetus gets less and less space inside the uterus.

Pregnant in the third trimester

You are now entering your third and final trimester. Take the time to plan the practicalities of childbirth, parental leave and the fact that you will have an extra family member. Maybe you should go for a preparatory delivery course?

Pregnant Week 29: You may feel a pressure on the diaphragm.

Pregnant week 30: Take a delivery course and write a delivery letter.

Pregnant week 31: Use pillows to find a comfortable sleeping position.

Pregnant week 32: Drink plenty of water to avoid constipation. You can now start taking out your parenting days from the insurance fund.

You are heavy now and it can be tiring to move. You should still try to activate yourself. Go for a little walk every day. Walking sticks can make it easier for you.

Pregnant week 33: Many children lie down with their heads down already.

Pregnant Week 34: Many pregnant women experience swelling of their hands and feet, especially in the evening.

Pregnant week 35: Some are in top form while others suffer from pregnancy pain.

Pregnant week 36: Pay attention to pregnancy poisoning.

It starts to contract. Learn some good breathing exercises and make sure you get enough sleep. Contact the midwife if the water is running, during bleeding or if you have strong contractions.

Pregnant week 37: In many cases, the baby gets ready with the head or seat in the pelvis.

Pregnant week 38: Baby puts on weight to get more holes.

Pregnant week 39: Try to relax and find a calm.

Pregnant week 40: You are now ready to give birth!

Pregnant after week 40: Not born yet? Then it is not far away!



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